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Home Assistant Add-on: Samba share

Share your configuration over the network using Windows file sharing.

Supports aarch64 Architecture Supports amd64 Architecture Supports armhf Architecture Supports armv7 Architecture Supports i386 Architecture


This Add-on allows you to enable file sharing across different operating systems over a network. It lets you access your config files with Windows and macOS devices.


Follow these steps to get the add-on installed on your system:

  1. Navigate in your Home Assistant frontend to Supervisor -> Add-on Store.
  2. Find the "Samba share" add-on and click it.
  3. Click on the "INSTALL" button.

How to use

  1. In the configuration section, set a username and password.
  2. Save the configuration.
  3. Start the add-on.
  4. Check the add-on log output to see the result.


Add-on configuration:

workgroup: WORKGROUP
username: homeassistant
interface: ''
  - "._*"
  - ".DS_Store"
  - Thumbs.db

Option: workgroup (required)

Change WORKGROUP to reflect your network needs.

Option: username (required)

The username you would like to use to authenticate with the Samba server.

Option: password (required)

The password that goes with the username configured for authentication.

Option: interface (required)

The network interface Samba should listen on for incoming connections. This option should only be used in advanced cases. In general, setting this option is not needed.

Option: allow_hosts (required)

List of hosts/networks allowed to access the shared folders.

Option: veto_files (optional)

List of files that are neither visible nor accessible. Useful to stop clients from littering the share with temporary hidden files (e.g., macOS .DS_Store or Windows Thumbs.db files)


Got questions?

You have several options to get them answered:

In case you've found a bug, please open an issue on our GitHub.

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