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logo.png Core Add-on: deCONZ

Control a ZigBee network using ConBee or RaspBee hardware by Dresden Elektronik.

Supports aarch64 Architecture Supports amd64 Architecture Supports armhf Architecture Supports armv7 Architecture Supports i386 Architecture


You can use this add-on to check whether your configuration files are valid against the new version of Home Assistant before you actually update your Home Assistant installation. This add-on will help you avoid errors due to breaking changes, resulting in a smooth update.


The installation of this add-on is straightforward and easy to do.

  1. Navigate in your Home Assistant frontend to -> Add-on Store.
  2. Find the "deCONZ" add-on and click it.
  3. Click on the "INSTALL" button.

How to use

Using a RaspBee

If your are using RaspBee, you may need to edit the config.txt file in the root of your SD card in order for your RaspBee to be recognized and assigned a device name.

Add following to your config.txt:


Configure the add-on

The add-on needs to know where your ConBee/RaspBee can be found, and therefore, you'll need to configure the add-on to point to the right device.

If you're using you may find the correct value for this on the -> System -> Host system -> Hardware page.

  1. Replace null in the device option in the add-on configuration and specify the device name in quotes: (e.g. "/dev/ttyUSB0", "/dev/ttyAMA0", or "/dev/ttyACM0").
  2. Click on "SAVE" to save the add-on configuration.
  3. Start the add-on.

After installing and starting this add-on, access the deCONZ WebUI ("Phoscon") with "WEB UI" button.

Configuring the Home Assistant deCONZ Component

By default, Home Assistant has the discovery component enabled, which automatically discovers this add-on.

Navigate to Configuration -> Integrations page after starting this add-on to configure the deCONZ component.

In case you don't have discovery enabled on your Home Assistant instance, follow these instructions to configure the deCONZ component:

Migrating to this Add-on

To migrate deCONZ to and this add-on, backup your deCONZ config via the Phoscon WebUI, then restore that config after installing/reinstalling.

You must perform these steps or your Light, Group names and other data will be lost!

However, your ZigBee devices will remain paired to your ConBee or RaspBee hardware.


Add-on configuration:

  "device": "/dev/ttyAMA0"

Option: device (required)

The device address of your ConBee/RaspBee.

If you're using you may find the correct value for this on the -> System -> Host system -> Hardware page.

In most cases this is one of the following:

  • "/dev/ttyUSB0"
  • "/dev/ttyAMA0"
  • "/dev/ttyACM0"

Known issues and limitations

  • Use at least 2.5A power supply for your Raspberry Pi! This avoids strange behavior when using this add-on.


Got questions?

You have several options to get them answered:

In case you've found an bug, please open an issue on our GitHub.

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