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📱 Home Assistant Companion for Android
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📱 Home Assistant Companion for Android Build Status


If you are looking for documentation around the companion applications check out the Home Assistant Companion Documentation. This will give you instructions on using the applications.

Setup Development Environment

  • Download and install Android Studio

  • Create a Firebase project at Firebase Console

  • Add an Android app to your Firebase project, follow the on screen instruction download the google-services.json to your home-assistant-Android/app folder

  • Use Android Studio open your source code folder and click Run -> Run 'app'

  • Connect your phone or create a new virtual device following on screen instruction

  • 🎉

Testing Dev Releases

We are using Travis to perform continuous integration both by unit testing, deploying dev releases to Firebase App Distribution and final releases to the Play Store when we add a git tag.


We are using ktlint as our linter. You can run a check locally on your machine with:

./gradlew ktlintCheck

This commands runs on our CI to check if your PR passes all tests. So we strongly recommend running it before committing.

To run a check with an auto-format:

./gradlew ktlintFormat


The project currently uses lokalise to translate the application. If you are interested in helping translate go the the link and click start translating!

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