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📱 Home Assistant Companion for Android
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📱 Home Assistant Companion for Android Build Status

Setup Development Environment

  • Download and install Android Studio

  • Create a Firebase project at Firebase Console

  • Add an Android app to your Firebase project, follow the on screen instruction download the google-services.json to your home-assistant-Android/app folder

  • Use Android Studio open your source code folder and click Run -> Run 'app'

  • Connect your phone or create a new virtual device following on screen instruction

  • 🎉

Continuous Integration

We are using Travis to perform continuous integration both by unit testing and deploying to Firebase App Distribution or Play Store when we add a git tag.


We are using ktlint as our linter. You can run a check locally on your machine with:

./gradlew ktlintCheck

This commands runs on our CI to check if your PR passes all tests. So we strongly recommend running it before committing.

To run a check with an auto-format:

./gradlew ktlintFormat
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