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@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ You can also explicitly create/edit via the `--json` flag:
$ hass-cli entity edit sensor.test --json='{ "state":"off"}'
List posible service with or without a regular expression filter:
List possible services with or without a regular expression filter:

.. code:: bash
@@ -205,6 +205,107 @@ Note: the `--sort-by` argument is referring to the attribute in the underlying `
NOT the column name. The advantage for this is that it can be used for sorting on any property
even if not included in the default output.

Areas and Device Registry

Since v0.87 of Home Assistant there is a notion of Areas in the Device registry. hass-cli lets
you list devices and areas and assign areas to devices.

Listing devices and areas works similar to list Entities.

.. code:: bash
$ hass-cli device list
a3852c3c3ebd47d3acac195478ca6f8b Basement stairs motion SML001 Philips c6c962b892064a218e968fcaee7950c8
880a944e74db4bb48ea3db6dd24af357 Basement Light 2 TRADFRI bulb GU10 WS 400lm IKEA of Sweden c6c962b892064a218e968fcaee7950c8
657c3cc908594479aab819ff80d0c710 Office Hue white lamp Philips None
ee62c3af815f4ec89994977a730782a0 Kids room main Hue color lamp Philips 69fdd00e91614957980a8dc1a7f0f68a
4637186392b84c1a843f64c810f04bbe Dinner table 4 Hue ambiance candle Philips 81c28de473dd41a7846fc97fdcd3027b
90f8944476e544348e6691bc0d3cc855 Bedroom Play:1 Sonos None
e20132e0f90942298bdae2340e61c079 Kitchen Light 6 LCT003 Philips e6ebd3e6f6e04b63a0e4a109b4748584
9ea61cecaf8d4de08aa20306ec6bdd07 Winter Garden Light 3 LCT012 Philips 9e08d89203804d5db995c3d0d5dbd91b
93cc3e42be224ef6b192ce203f6bf7fe Dinner table 3 Hue ambiance candle Philips 81c28de473dd41a7846fc97fdcd3027b
ae8b84e99dbf4a9e94072a1588f29298 Kitchen Motion SML001 Philips e6ebd3e6f6e04b63a0e4a109b4748584
$ hass-cli area list
295afc88012341ecb897cd12d3fbc6b4 Bathroom
9e08d89203804d5db995c3d0d5dbd91b Winter Garden
8816ee92b7b84f54bbb30a68b877e739 Office
e6ebd3e6f6e04b63a0e4a109b4748584 Kitchen
f7f5412a9f47436da669a537e0c0c10f Livingroom
bc98c209249f452f8d074e8384780e15 Hallway
5f8de5b8cf264c17b10d21e741573713 Small Bathroom
c6c962b892064a218e968fcaee7950c8 Basement
efaa42ae0b7645aebfa51d8303c361c5 Loft
ea63e86747104abdb26f6d6ea9d2ddef Old Shed
16bd0505030a430b91fcf331340090f8 Entrance
81c28de473dd41a7846fc97fdcd3027b Dinner Table
69fdd00e91614957980a8dc1a7f0f68a Kids room
You can create and delete areas:

.. code:: bash
$ hass-cli area delete "Old Shed"
- id: 1
type: result
success: true
result: success
$ hass-cli area create "New Shed"
- id: 1
type: result
success: true
area_id: cdd09a80f03a4cc59d2943053c0414c0
name: New Shed
You can assign area to a specific device. Here the Kitchen
area gets assigned to device named "Cupboard Light".

.. code:: bash
$ hass-cli device assign Kitchen "Cupboard Light"
Besides assigning individual devices you can assign in bulk:

.. code:: bash
$ hass-cli device assign Kitchen --match "Kitchen Light"
The above line will assign Kitchen area to all devices with substring "Kitchen Light".

You can also combine individual and matched devices in one line:

.. code:: bash
$ hass-cli device assign Kitchen --match "Kitchen Light" eab9930f8652408882cc8cb604651c60 Cupboard
Above will assign area named "Kitchen" to all devices having substring "Kitchen Light" and to
specific area with id "eab9930..." or named "Cupboard".


You can subscribe and watch all or a specific event type using `event watch`.

.. code:: bash
$ hass-cli event watch
This will watch for all event types, you can limit to a specific event type
by specifying it as an argument:

.. code:: bash
$ hass-cli event watch deconz_event

You can call services:

.. code:: bash
@@ -303,7 +404,8 @@ Help
--timeout INTEGER Timeout for network operations. [default:
-o, --output [json|yaml|table] Output format [default: json]
-o, --output [json|yaml|table|auto]
Output format. [default: auto]
-v, --verbose Enables verbose mode.
-x Print backtraces when exception occurs.
--cert TEXT Path to client certificate file (.pem) to
@@ -318,12 +420,16 @@ Help
--no-headers When printing tables don't use headers
(default: print headers)
--table-format TEXT Which table format to use.
--sort-by TEXT Sort table by the jsonpath expression.
Example: last_changed
--version Show the version and exit.
--help Show this message and exit.
area Get info and operate on areas from Home Assistant...
completion Output shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or...
config Get configuration from Home Assistant.
config Get configuration from a Home Assistant instance.
device Get info and operate on devices from Home Assistant...
discover Discovery for the local network.
entity Get info and operate on entities from Home Assistant.
event Interact with events.
@@ -334,7 +440,6 @@ Help
system System details and operations for Home Assistant.
template Render templates on server or locally.
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