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Merge 20181121.0 to master #2077

merged 70 commits into from Nov 21, 2018


None yet

balloob commented Nov 21, 2018




zsarnett and others added some commits Nov 3, 2018

Revert RTL PR (#1975)
* Revert RTL PR

* Missed this change
Hide state if its unknown e.g. the climate entity does not have one (#…

* Hide state if its unknown e.g. the climate entity does not have one

* state can not be null

* better comparsion

* use double quotes
Convert auth to TS (#1976)
* Convert auth to TS

* Lint

* Update HA-JS-WS to 3.2.0

* Migrate ws collections to TS

* Upgrade to latest HAWS

* Bump HAWS

* Lint

* Add types to WS calls
Split up cloud card (#1983)
* Split up cloud card

* Fix quotes
Ts all the tests (#1998)
* Convert tests to TypeScript

* Add types for tests

* Rename files to TS

* Fix up test imports

* Fix TSC errors

* Liiiint

* Add types to util method signatures

* Some more types
Add getElementConfig to Glance + Add Form UI for updating YAML (#1944)
* Working version

* Working kind of

* Some more changes

* More review changes

* Progress

* Review updates

* Adding new changes

* Remove un-needed code

* Adding Types

* Updating UI Editor a bit

* Updating from missed reviews

* Updates from Reviews

* Yaml is not update each time. Instead stored as LovelaceConfig.

* Update to not pull config from preview but store it each time it changed

* Updating from Reviews

* Try catch fix

* Update hui-dialog-edit-card.ts
New Card: Shopping List (#1970)
* New Card: Shopping List

Following features:
- Add item
- Edit item
- Complete item
- Clear items

* Address Travis complaint

* Addressed review comments

* Update translation variable name

* Line up input row text

* Taking MVP to heart

Addressed review comments and scaled this back to just get a simple shopping list card out there and we can discuss/debate how best to add the additional pieces with smaller PRs

* Remove calling connected in set hass
Convert cover-row to TypeScript/LitElement (#1933)
* Convert cover-row to TypeScript/LitElement

* Extract `supports` methods from cover model

* Address review comments

* Revert line endings mixup

I suck at vs code apparently...

* Address review comments

* Address review comments: error-row not working
Fix for thermostats without current temperature (#1979)
* fix for thermostats without current temperature

* make linter happy

* always render value, uom only when there is a value

* Update hui-thermostat-card.ts
Make conditional not take up space in stacks when hidden (#1999)
* Make conditional not take up space in stacks when hidden

* Update hui-conditional-card.ts
Expose entities for Google/Alexa (#680)
* Add entity filter

* Show exposed entities on cloud panel

* Fix tests

* Revert some testing changes

* Cursor: pointer

* Fix

* Update tests to TS
Convert hui-toggle-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement (#1939)
* Convert hui-toggle-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement

* Properly set generic-entity properties

* Addressed review comments

* Address review comments
Convert call-service to TypeScript (#1985)
* Convert call-service to TypeScript

* Address Travis error

* Address review comments
Format html (#2006)
* Upgrade prettier

* Format files with prettier
Convert hui-script-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement (#2020)
* Convert hui-script-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement

* Stop more-info
Convert hui-scene-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement (#2021)
* Convert hui-scene-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement

script-entity-row and this could probably extend a common base class. The only thing that differs them is the domain used in the callService and the button text.

* Stop more-info
Convert hui-text-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement (#2017)
* Convert hui-text-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement

* Address review comments

* Fix Travis errors

balloob and others added some commits Nov 18, 2018

Convert compute functions to TypeScript (#2055)
* Convert compute functions to TypeScript

* Address review comment

* Address Travis complaint

* Attempt to not be dumb :)
Only add a separating colon if there is a valid prefix and suffix (#2060

This commit changes the media player entity row to only add a colon
separator to the status line when there is both a prefix and a suffix.
Flatline fix for Sensor Cards (#2064)
* Update hui-sensor-card.js

This fixes issues where the first history item was repeated many times at the start of the graph resulting in a flat line that does not represent the data.

Also, the graph now has the ability to reach a 1 to 1 history graph to sensor graph point representation.  Before 2 to 1 was the highest resolution possible.  This was due to using history.length - 1 as the denominator in cases where the user set the accuracy larger than the total number of points in the history.

* Update hui-sensor-card.js

* Update hui-sensor-card.js

* Update hui-sensor-card.js

* Update hui-sensor-card.js

* Update hui-sensor-card.js
Added migrate dialog when card has no ID (#2008)
* Added migrate dialog when card has no ID

* typos

* Fix error messages

* cardId should be a string

* Add translation

* Only load yaml in yaml editor

* revert name change

* Combine migrate and edit in one dialog

* lint

* fixes + inlude and secret yaml

* resize after toggle preview -> value>config

* add loading spinners

* only create preview when type changes

* loader on yaml editor

* Fixed loading spinner not disappearing

* moved dialog

* disable toggle if not avail

* address comments

* cleanup showDialog
Update Hassio with security options (#2067)
* new security options

* Add more info modal

Added more info modal and moved the security components.

* fixes

* show apparmor only if not default

* add colors to apparmor
Picture Glance Conversion to TS (#2029)
* First Commit

* Convert to TS

* Extract entity render to own function

* Making it one function like not an idiot

* Addressing Reviews
Convert hui-input-text-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement (#2050)
* Convert hui-input-text-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement

* Address review comments

* Address review comments

Does anyone know why line 74 seemingly doesn't fire when the value hasn't changed? I think we should blur regardless if the value changed or not on "enter" but only seems to work when setValue is called

* Return promise from call service
Convert hui-input-select-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement (#2048)
* Convert hui-input-select-entity-row to TypeScript/LitElement

* Address Travis issues

* Address review comments

* Return callService promise

* Remove _selected
RTL support (POC) (#2014)
* RTL support (POC)

* restore yarn.lock
Allow Google unlocking locks (#2073)
* Allow Google unlocking locks

* Fix missing type
Convert retrieval of items in shopping-list to websockets (#2041)
* Convert shopping-list to websockets

* Update shopping-list.ts

* Scale back to just retrieval of items to WS
Entities Card UI Editor (#2072)
* Entity Card ui + extras

* Travis Fix

* Bram already has this in  another PR
Hassio: Fix download snapshot (#2071)
* Fix download snapshot

* async + helper

* pretty

* move catch

* fix

* Update data.ts

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