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0.87.0 #20794

merged 228 commits into from Feb 6, 2019


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balloob commented Feb 6, 2019

New Platforms

New Features

Breaking Changes

Beta Fixes

All changes

boralyl and others added some commits Jan 17, 2019

Remove color call to set lights to black. (#20176)
Calling clear all is enough to turn off the light.  Calling the color
command makes the light no longer function until clear all is called
again.  The component calls clear all beforing turning it on which is
why it works through home assistant.  However if you try to control the
light via the hyperion app or through kodi after it has been turned off
via home assistant it will not function until you call clear all again.
Add a Zoneminder availability sensor (#20184)
* Embed zoneminder platforms into component

* Add a binary sensor for ZoneMinder availability

* Lint

* Add missing docstrings
Add JSON attribute topic to MQTT cover (#20190)
* Add JSON attribute topic to MQTT cover

* Lint
Log exceptions thrown by signal callbacks (#20015)
* Log exceptions thrown by signal callbacks

* Fix unsub

* Simplify traceback print

* Typing

* Add test

* lint

* Review comments

* Rework MQTT test case

* Fix bad merge

* Fix bad merge
Set ehendrix23 as owner for harmony platform (#20203)
Put myself (ehendrix23) as code owner for remote.harmony platform
Add platform image_processing.qrcode (#20215)
* Add platform image_processing.qrcode

* Update
Bump aioesphomeapi to 1.4.2 (#20247)
* Bump aioesphomeapi to 1.4.2

* Update requirements_all.txt
Use local IP to discover IGD device (#20035)
* Use local_ip from config to discover IGD device

In case of multi-homed server UPNP discovery finds IGD device on some "default" interface. WIth this modification discovery will be performed from 'local_ip'.

* Update

* Changed version of async_upnp_client in requirements

* Used aysnc_upnp_client==0.14.0

* Changed requirement to async_upnp_client==0.14.0.dev0

* Changed requirement to async_upnp_client==0.14.0.dev0

* Changed requirement to async_upnp_client==0.14.0.dev0

* Fixed code style

* Fixed code style

* Changed version of async_upnp_client in requerements

* Changed version of async_upnp_client in requirements

* Regenerated requirements (new async_upnp_client)

* Regenerated requirements (new async_upnp_client)

* Changed requirement to async_upnp_client=0.14.1

* Changed requirement to async_upnp_client=0.14.1

* Updated requirements

* Updated requirements.txt

* Corrected requirements

* Corrected import of DeviceState

* Constants changed according new async_upnp_client

* Upgraded for async_upnp_client==0.14.2
Added Search Configuration to IMAP Sensor (#19749)
* Added Search Configuration to IMAP Sensor

The IMAP sensor currently only counts unread emails in a folder.  By exposing the IMAP search parameter, the sensor can be used to count other results:

- All emails in an inbox
- Emails sent from an address
- Emails matching a subject
- Other advanced searches, especially with vendor-specific extensions.  Gmail in particular supports X-GM-RAW, which lets you use any Gmail search directly ("emails with X label older than 14 days with", etc)

For my use case, I just wanted total emails in a folder, to show an "X/Y" counter for total/unread.  I started work on a one-off script to throw the data in, but figured I'd try to extend Home Assistant more directly, especially since this IMAP sensor correctly handles servers that push data.  This is my first Home Assistant contribution, so apologies in advance if something is out of place!  It's a pretty minimal modification.

* Added Server Response Checking

Looks like no library exception is thrown, so check for response text before parsing out results (previous code just counts spaces, so an error actually returns a state value of 4).

* IMAP Warning -> Error, Count Initializes to None

IMAP search response parsing throws an error instead of a warning.

Email count initializes as None instead 0.

Email count is untouched in case of failure to parse response (i.e. if server is temporarily down or throwing errors, or maybe due to user updating their authentication/login/etc).

Fixed line length on error so it fits under 80 characters.

* Fixed Indent on Logger Error

Sorry about the churn!  Python is pretty far from my daily-use language.  (I did run this one through pep8, at least)
Support for relay ports for LCN light platform (#19632)
* Added relay ports to LCN lights platform

* Exchanged validation for ports with uppercase validator. Makes interfacing with pypck enums much more simple.

* Removed supported_features property as it is correctly inherited from parent

* Removed type annotations.
Add LCN switch platform (#20267)
* Add LCN switch platform

* Added guard clause for discovery_info check and removed unnecessary parathesis
Fire events for Lutron RadioRA2 keypad buttons (#20090)
* Add binary sensor for Lutron RadioRA2 keypad buttons

Allow automations to be triggered from RadioRA2 keypads by exposing
each button as a binary sensor.

* Remove binary sensor component; fire events directly instead.

* Address comments from code review
Add discovery_info check to LCN light platform (#20280)
* Added discovery_info check to LCN light platform

* Removed whitespaces

awarecan and others added some commits Feb 4, 2019

Fix the line reference in config error message (#20743)
* Fix the line reference in config error message

* Fix platform config validation

* Fix test

* Handle error in error handling routine
Keep cloud tokens always valid (#20762)
* Keep auth token always valid

* Remove unused refresh_auth message

* Capture EndpointConnectionError

* Lint
Fix tellduslive responsiveness (#20603)
* use async_call_later for update

* no need to timeout

* fixes

* move init tasks to hass.loop

* version bump of tellduslive

* fixes for @MartinHjelmare

* fixes task cancel

* don't return from new client
Update version for pymyq to 1.1.0
Update version of pymyq to 1.1.0; this version brings improved functionality, reducing errors for retrieving current state for the MyQ covers.

@balloob balloob requested review from amelchio , bachya , cdce8p , Danielhiversen , dgomes , fabaff , kellerza , rohankapoorcom , rytilahti , syssi and home-assistant/core as code owners Feb 6, 2019

@wafflebot wafflebot bot added the in progress label Feb 6, 2019

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amelchio left a comment

Ship it!


fabaff approved these changes Feb 6, 2019

@balloob balloob merged commit c366fa0 into master Feb 6, 2019

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@wafflebot wafflebot bot removed the in progress label Feb 6, 2019


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vlad36N commented Feb 12, 2019

system_health: must be before frontend: in configuration.yaml:

Different sequence will cause error:
Received invalid command: system_health/info

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