🔎 Python library to scan local network for services and devices.
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NetDisco is a Python 3 library to discover local devices and services. It allows to scan on demand or offer a service that will scan the network in the background in a set interval.

Current methods of scanning:

  • mDNS (includes Chromecast, Homekit)
  • uPnP
  • Plex Media Server using Good Day Mate protocol
  • Logitech Media Server discovery protocol
  • Daikin discovery protocol
  • Web OS discovery protocol

It is the library that powers the device discovery within Home Assistant.


Netdisco is available on PyPi. Install using pip3 install netdisco.


From command-line:

python3 -m netdisco
# To see all raw data:
python3 -m netdisco dump

In your script:

from netdisco.discovery import NetworkDiscovery

netdis = NetworkDiscovery()


for dev in netdis.discover():
    print(dev, netdis.get_info(dev))


Will result in a list of discovered devices and their most important information:

DLNA ['', '']
google_cast [('Living Room.local.', 8009)]
philips_hue ['']
belkin_wemo ['']