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"bridge": {
"name": "Homebridge",
"username": "CC:22:3D:E3:CE:30",
"manufacturer": "",
"model": "homebridge",
"port": 51826,
"pin": "031-45-154"
"description": "This is an example configuration file with one fake accessory and one fake platform. You can use this as a template for creating your own configuration file containing devices you actually own.",
"ports": {
"start": 52100,
"end": 52150,
"comment": "This section is used to control the range of ports that separate accessory (like camera or television) should be bind to."
"accessories": [
"accessory": "WeMo",
"name": "Coffee Maker"
"platforms": [
"platform" : "PhilipsHue",
"name" : "Hue"
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