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Verified By Homebridge

The Verified By Homebridge program allows plugin developers to get their plugins reviewed and endorsed by the Homebridge project team.


  • Have your plugin reviewed by the Homebridge team.
  • Increase the visibility of your plugin.
  • Increase the level of trust end users place in your plugin.
  • The "Verified" badge will appear next to your plugin in the Homebridge UI.
  • Add a "Donate" button on your plugin tile in the Homebridge UI.
  • Your plugin is bumped to the top of the search results in the Homebridge UI.


The Homebridge project team will check that your plugin meets the following criteria:

  • The plugin must successfully install.
  • The plugin must implement the Homebridge Plugin Settings GUI.
  • The plugin must not start unless it is configured.
  • The plugin must not execute post-install scripts that modify the users' system in any way.
  • The plugin must not contain any analytics or calls that enable you to track the user.
  • The plugin must not throw unhandled exceptions, the plugin must catch and log its own errors.
  • The plugin must be published to npm and the source code available on GitHub.
    • A GitHub release - with patch notes - should be created for every new version of your plugin.
  • The plugin must run on all supported LTS versions of Node.js, at the time of writing this is Node.js v12, v14, and v16.
  • The plugin must not require the user to run Homebridge in a TTY or with non-standard startup parameters, even for initial configuration.
  • If the plugin needs to write files to disk (cache, keys, etc.), it must store them inside the Homebridge storage directory.

How To Request Verification

If you would like your plugin verified, please open an issue on this repository and fill in the template. The Homebridge project team will then review your plugin and provide constructive feedback if required.

If you need assistance meeting the verification requirements, please reach out on the Homebridge Discord.

Post Verification

Once your plugin has been verified you will remain in full control of the GitHub repository and npm package. Your plugin will appear on the "Verified By Homebridge" plugin list and the "Verified" badge will appear next to your plugin when the next update to the Homebridge UI is published.

You may optionally add the Verified By Homebridge badge to your plugin README:



If you decide you no longer wish to maintain your plugin, please reach out to the Homebridge team on the Homebridge Discord. We can assist finding a new owner, or take over the repository until a new maintainer can be found.

Your plugin may be subject to another review if we notice an increased amount of issues arising from your plugin. If your plugin is unmaintained for some time and is no longer working, and a fork or new plugin offering improved functionality is created, we may remove the Verified By Homebridge status of your plugin in favor the new plugin.


The #plugin-development channel in the official Homebridge Discord server is where Homebridge plugin developers can get tips and advice from other developers and the Homebridge project team.

Homebridge Discord