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** git usage **
To check out the latest repository:
git clone

To add a file:
git add <file>

To check the status of the local repository:
git status

To see what's changed but not yet staged:
git diff

To see the difference between what has been staged and what goes in to next commit:
git diff --staged

To commit changes to local repository:
git commit -m 'commit notes'

To commit all changed files without having to 'git add' them first:
git commit -a -m 'commit notes'

To remove a file:
git rm file.ext

To move a file:
git mv file_from file_to

To submit back to main repository:
git push origin master

To see the history of changes to a project:
git log

To unstage a file before a commit:
git reset HEAD <file>

To revert a changed file before committing:
git checkout -- <file>

To list tags for a project:
git tag

To create a tag:
git tag -a v1.4 -m "my version 1.4"

git checkout -b branchname
(or `git branch branchname` and then `git checkout branchname`)

To switch to another branch
git checkout master

To delete a branch:
git branch -d branchname

To merge back to master:
git checkout master
git merge branchname
git branch -d branchname

To resolve merge conflicts:
git mergetool

** Mission Pinball Framework
To see what version you have:
pip list

To upgrade Mission Pinball Framework:
python -m pip install pip setuptools --upgrade
python -m pip install mpf mpf-mc --upgrade

To upgrade to a pre-release:
python -m pip install mpf mpf-mc --pre --upgrade

To run MPF with hardware debugging:
1. configure fast: section with 'debug: true'
2. launch mpf as "mpf -v -V"
3. watch the logfile grow and grow


CAD and Config files for custom pinball machine







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