An open-source JavaScript web application to check for plagiarisms in texts.
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... is a web application written mainly in JavaScript that checks for plagiarisms in texts. The application runs locally and does not send any data to any server except to search engines. The search engines will only get chunks of the original data in a random order to make reconstructing the text on the side of the search engine provider a bit harder. The checked texts are not cached in any way on a server. If there is caching, it will will be locally on the users machine and under his/her control.

Things to consider if you want to use this software:

You may freely use, alter, copy and distribute this software if you keep the Apache license in mind:

  • You have to clearly state, what part of your derived work is licensed under Apache2
  • State the copyright owner somewhere in your application, as in an about or credit screen (Manuel Rülke,

You may NOT:

  • copy the software, replace the name and pretend it was you who made it ! This would be just sad. For you.


Copyright 2012 Manuel Rülke,

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.



  • // all done


  • add options:
    • ignore correctly quoted sources (deselect from sources overview)
    • read ignored sources from query string
  • enable passing the text via query-string
  • build bookmarklet that sends selected text from a website to sucodo
  • more heuristic search with additional keywords (input for "site must also contain these words" to increase hit chances for small test groups)
  • manual search by selecting the word groups manually
  • adding adjustable gaps between the test groups
  • merge edit and analyze mode into one screen (like a rich text editor widget)


  • check why websearcher returns 0 time left of first update after second search
  • move the accept and close to the right (rename accept und apply)



  • add [i] at some parts to explain what these parts mean
    • Words per test group
    • Explain colors
  • add an edit-text-button to text analyzer
  • increase size of "Inspect"-link and add a magnifying-glass icon
  • move explanation text in analyzer to top of text field
  • rename "Inspect" to "Show search results (opens new window)"
  • rename "Close" to "Return to mouse-over mode"
  • pull search result window to front (in case user left it open)


  • add a sample text that can be used to illustrate how sucodo works
  • show most likely source in mouse-over result info
  • report after analysis:
    • most use sources
    • percentage indicator of how much text may be plagiarized
  • add a sources overview


  • use API key if available
  • update privacy (each search is tracked in terms of numbers)
  • remove bing API key and insert a warning if no api key is available
  • fix tests in IE
  • analyze view: click anywhere on the page but another suspicious phrase, will leave phrase select mode
  • update the colors in analyze mode
  • make "Go" button brighter
  • do not check last word group in a paragraph if it is significantly smaller than the set wordgroup length
  • Bug: Tooltips do not work correctly (always show the same text, maybe closure problem?)
  • JSLint check every Javascript file
  • check why unit tests fail(testHelpControl, testLoca)
  • initial language support
  • add Privacy statement
  • show estimated time left for search
  • color the suspicious phrases depending on the number of search results found for it
  • FIX: omit double searches (if phrases are identical)
  • randomize web search order
  • Enable "start analyze" button AFTER unit tests finished (different solution: using test instances of web searchers and text analyzers)
  • BUG: global replacement of texts sometimes destroys information (every part has to be identified uniquely) reproduce with word group length === 3 and text "Lorem Ipsum is ..."
  • show number of results as popup
  • make results clickable