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Rolling Restart for CF

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CF plugin for zero downtime application restarts.

This was made to fill a the gap in zero-downtime restarts for the PCF CLI. It will restart your application one instance at a time until each instance is up. The plugin should provide feedback through the CLI through the whole process.


You can install the latest release from CF Community Plugins by running the following command:

$ cf install-plugin -r CF-Community "cf-rolling-restart"

Alternatively, you can download any previous releases from the GitHub releases page and install using the built in install-plugin command of the cf-cli.

$ cf install-plugin path/to/downloaded/binary


$ cf rolling-restart [--max-cycles #] APP_NAME

The alias rrs also exists for a shorthand (Ex. cf rrs APP_NAME). The flag --max-cycles augments the number of times the plugin will check to see if the app is up. The default is 120 cycles which roughly equate to ~2 minutes. Each cycle consists of checking the current state of the recently restarted instance and then pausing 1 second until the instance is running or the max cycles have been reached.


To build and test for your current platform please run ./script/cibuild from the project root.

To build and install locally run ./script/install.


Check out the contributing readme for information on how to contribute to the project.


This project is released under the Apache2 free software license. More information can be found in the LICENSE file.