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Concourse resource for managing github webhooks
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Github Webhook Resource

This resource creates and deletes Github webhooks which point to resources in a Concourse pipeline. The github-webhook-resource can only manipulate webhooks which point to other resources in its containing pipeline.

Resource Type Configuration

- name: github-webhook-resource
  type: docker-image
    repository: homedepottech/github-webhook-resource
    tag: 'latest'

Source Configuration

- name: github-webhook
  type: github-webhook-resource
    github_token: ((github-token))


out: Manipulate a Github webhook

Create or delete a webhook using the configured parameters.


- put: create-webhook
  resource: github-webhook
    org: github-org-name
    repo: github-repo-name
    resource_name: your-resource-name
    webhook_token: your-token
    operation: create
    events: [push, pull_request]
  • org: Required. Your github organization.
  • repo: Required. Your github repository.
  • resource_name: Required. Name of the resource to be associated with your webhook.
  • webhook_token: Required. Arbitrary string to identify your webhook. Must match the webhook_token property of the resource your webhook points to.
  • operation: Required.
    • create to create a new webhook. Ignores pre-existing webhooks.
    • delete to delete an existing webhook. Outputs current timestamp on non-existing webhooks.
  • events: Optional. An array of events which will trigger your webhook. Default: push


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