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Tiny World

Created by Dan Bell and Calum Gilchrist

Entry for Ludum Dare Jam 23.


This is the version released for Ludum Dare. This was the final product after 72 hours.


The idea was to start as a tiny planet and build up your mass by collecting other celestial bodies, but we never finished scaling, so we have a sort of asteroid catching game.

There is no concrete objective. Asteroids (grey) detract from your atmosphere, but add more mass and Comets (blue) add to atmosphere and a little bit of mass.

Also, being close to the sun reduces your atmosphere.


WASD to move, space to stop

Issue List

  • Exit in Menu doesn't work
  • Player not centered
  • Hitbox slightly off for player
  • Player is as fast as every other object
  • Player can collide with sun.
  • Music doesn't play
  • (There are more)
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