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A small utility to check your projects stats on GitHub and npm.

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Yes, it's all about the community and we only care about the contribution, but come on, you like when you see big number on the downloads counter, or that a lot of people forked/favorited your repo. Well, this is a small utility that allows you to register your projects and check their stats all together right from the terminal.


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Package egojs
Description Check your project stats on GitHub and npm from the terminal.
Node Version >= v0.12.6 (You need >= v4.0.0 for the tests)


You can install it using npm.

npm install egojs -g



egojs config

You can start the configuration with the config command or by running anything for the first time :P. For now, the configuration only asks you for one thing: A GitHub access token. We need it in order to request for your repository information on their API.

You can generate a new GitHub access token using this URL.

Add a package

egojs add

Package is the way EgoJS identifies your projects, and they have three properties the app will ask you for:

  • Name: This doesn't have to match anywhere, it's just a reference name for the database.
  • Repository: A short version of your GitHub repository URL: username/project.
  • npm package: The name of your project on npm.

Now, something to have in mind is that you can ignore the repository or the npm package, but not both.

Edit a package

egojs edit <id>

You can easily edit a package properties by using the edit command. You can obtain the package unique id from the first column of the table (see the list command).

Remove a package

egojs remove <id>

Removing packages it's as easy as editing them, instad of edit, use the remove command with the unique id you obtained from the table and your package goes away!.

Show me the numbers!

egojs list

This is the command you were looking for... It will show the table with your project stats. This is also executed if you didn't specify any command.

As a module

I coded EgoJS so the CLI interface will consume a module that can be also used by other tools:

const EgoJS = require('egojs');

const inst = new EgoJS();
inst.addPackage('Rosario', 'homer0/Rosario', 'charito')
.then((pkg) => {
	console.log(, ' was successfully added!');

For more information, you can check the EgoJS module documentation.


Install Git hooks


npm tasks

  • npm run build: Build the module to be ES5 compatible with Babel.
  • npm test: Run the module's unit tests with Jest.
  • npm run coverage: Run the unit tests and open the coverage report on the browser.
  • npm run lint: Lint the plugin's code with JSCS and ESLint.
  • npm run docs: Generate the project documentation using ESDoc.


MIT. License file.