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Monorepo for unrelated Node packages of personal use, like my eslint-plugin, and packages that are small enough and/or not ready to have their own repository, like aurelia-extract-clean-loader.


Public packages

These packages are meant to be used by anyone, that's why the "public", and these are the reasons they are here and not on their own repository:

  • If they are small: Having to maintain an entire repository (ESLint, Husky, Jest, etc.) for a one-file-package is too much of an effort; the situation may change if a package gets some contributors, as managing issues and PR on a monorepo of unrelated packages would be kind of tedious.
  • If they are MVPs: I may be trying to validate the idea behind a package before moving to its own repository; again, maintaining a repository is not easy.

They're on /packages/public, and there's the list:

πŸš€ API utils

A really basic client to work with an API endpoints requests.

🧬 Deep assign

Deep merge (and copy) of objects and Arrays using native spread syntax.

πŸ•— Deferred

Small utility to create a deferred promise

🏠 Env utils

A really small service to centralize the place where you read and write environment variables, and check if you are running on development or production.

πŸ’₯ Error handler

Listens for uncaught exceptions and unhandled promises rejections, and logs them out with full detail.

🚚 Events hub

A simple implementation of a pubsub service for handling events.

πŸ’« Extend promise

Extend a Promise by injecting custom properties using a Proxy. The custom properties will be available on the promise chain no matter how many thens, catchs or finallys are added.

πŸ’‰ jimple

An extended version of the Jimple lib, with extra features.

🧰 Object utils

A small collection of utility methods to work with objects. It relies on extend for deep merge and copy.

πŸ“¦ Package info

A tiny service that reads the contents of the project's package.json, sync & async.

πŸ—‚ Path utils

An easy way to manage locations and build paths relative to those locations on a Node app.

βš“οΈ Root file

Import or require a file for the project root.

βš™οΈ Simple config

A very simple configuration management for your projects. It takes care of loading, activating, switching and merging configuration files.

πŸ’¬ Simple logger

A small service to log messages in the console.

πŸ“š Simple storage

A service that allows you to build functionalities that relay on browser storage (session/local), and simplifies the way you work it.

πŸ—„ FS Cache

Small cache utility that uses the file system and supports TTL.


These packages are related to personal configuration and/or tooling; the only difference with the "public packages" is that I'll probably won't accept feature/change requests for them.


This repository uses Lerna for managing the publication and the version of the packages, and NPM for the dependencies.


The entire repository is linted using ESLint and custom plugin you can find in packages/personal/eslint-plugin.

There are two scripts you can use to lint files:

  • pnpm run lint will use lint-staged to run ESLint on the files that are staged.
  • pnpm run lint:all will lint the entire repository.


To run the tests of all the packages that have you just need to run npm test, but if you want to run the tests for a single package, you can use the following command:

pnpm test -- --scope [package-name-with-scope]

And if you need to send extra arguments to that package tests, you'll have to use two double dashes to separate them:

pnpm test -- --scope [package-name-with-scope] -- -- [...args]