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hmt-digital 1.0.1: digital services of the Homer Multitext project

This git repository is for customizations of the generic citeservlet to provide digital services for the Homer Multitext project.


The master branch always has the most recent published version (currently, version 1.0 series).

The most recent published version is always installed at

The HMT project also runs a current development branch on a test server at

Version numbering

The left-most digit identifies a major version, defined as a version that either dramatically changes functionality, or requires a change in configuration. The second digit from the left identifies an upgrade that adds some functionality to the main version, but does not require a change in configuration. The third digit identifies a version with changes that do not alter the underlying functionality but might change appearance or presentation.

Installation and usage##

The HMT project team is beginning development of a virtual machine to run hmt-digital ( It is also possible to install the system on any machine that can run a servlet container, a SPARQL endpoint, and the gradle build system.



In your clone of citeservlet, set the value of customDir to the hmt directory of this repository. You can then use the generic gradle war or gradle jettyRunWar tasks within citeservlet.

See the documentation in citeservlet for more details on how you can configure and customize it.

citeservlet configurations

The confs dir includes configuration files for running HMT Digital locally, or for installing on HMT project systems.