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Initial migration

Darius Kazemi edited this page May 17, 2021 · 11 revisions

Hello! This is a guide to help you migrate from Mastodon to Hometown. This guide shows you how to migrate from Mastodon 3.4.0 to Hometown v1.0.5+3.4.0. Right now we are up to date with Mastodon 3.4.0, so make sure you are running Mastodon 3.4.0 before trying this. And please test in a local development environment or a test server first if at all possible.

RIGHT NOW THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. You should be comfortable maintaining Mastodon and updating from one version of Mastodon to another. If you are an instance admin who has upgraded your instance from, say, 2.9.5 up to 3.4.0 over time, you should be familiar with every step of this process.

Assuming you are running Mastodon 3.4.0 (aka you have the v3.4.0 tag checked out in git and a git log shows your most recent commit is 4c7efdba402b6b8ee0363b6f1dc2c202303d7623), the following should work.

First, triple-check you're on the v3.4.0 tag:

git describe --tags

The output should be:


If you get an error instead, Mastodon probably isn't installed as a Git repo. This can happen if you install Mastodon via downloading a ZIP of the source, or you use something that does that, like Yunohost. Hometown only supports a git-based Mastodon installation.

Next, add the Hometown Github repo as a remote called hometown and make a branch off of v3.4.0 for your new modified installation. Then, switch to that new branch, which right now is identical to 3.4.0.

git remote add hometown
git branch hometown-v1.0.5+3.4.0
git checkout hometown-v1.0.5+3.4.0

The next thing we do is fetch and merge the v1.0.5+3.4.0 tag from the Hometown Github repo and merge it into our current branch.

git fetch hometown
git merge v1.0.5+3.4.0

Now we need to run a database migration (replace "production" with your appropriate environment variable):

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails db:migrate

This adds some new fields to the statuses table in the database, like one called activity_pub_type, which keeps track of whether a given status in the database is an Article or a standard Note.

Next precompile your static assets:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile

And restart your Mastodon services. That should be everything! You can tell if it's working (aside from lack of error messages) if you see a message in the "getting started" footer linking to the Hometown source code.