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NucTools Cluster Maps Builder: visualisation and cluster analysis of heatmaps and aggregate profiles


Cluster Maps Builder (CMB) is part of the NucTools 2.0 release. It is in constant development and therefore may have some instability and bugs. Some known issues are discribed in the enclosed user manual. If you find new bugs please contact yevhen.vainshtein@igb.fraunhofer.de


Cluster Maps Builder (CMB) is primarily designed to visualize nucleosome occupancy profiles of thousands of features aligned at the genomic coordinate corresponding to a specific feature, like transcription factor binding site or transcription/translation initiation or termination site, using a heatmap representation. CMB includes a K-means clustering step and is able to apply the sorting/clustering order from initial matrix to a different matrix of the same size and dimensions.

CMB is written using MATLAB and is using Java-based GUI (GUIDE). It can be downloaded as an executable file compiled to run under Windows operating system or as a sorce files. In the latter case the MATLAB license is not required to run the program. The initial development was done using MATLAB 2014b and the program was tested for compatibility with 2015a/b and 2016a. CMB has been tested for Windows and MacOS X. It has not been tested for Linux yet.