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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from os import path as os_path
from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
from django.utils.functional import curry
from django.core.files.base import ContentFile
from import default_storage
from django.core.files import File
from django.core.files.images import get_image_dimensions
import PIL
ORIGINAL_FORMAT = 'original'
# max block size for jpeg save in PIL
MAXBLOCK = 3200 * 2000
class Wallet(object):
# this type used when image can be loaded, but it's type not supported
image_type_fallback = 'PNG'
image_types_extensions = {
'PNG': 'png',
'JPEG': 'jpg',
# Original Image, stored after saving or loaded from disk
_loaded_original = False
def __init__(self, formats, pattern=None, original_image_type=None,
Pattern is a string with 2 replaces: "size" and "extension".
original_image_type is type of saved original image.
self.formats = formats
self._pattern = pattern
self.original_image_type = original_image_type = storage or default_storage
if original_image_type is not None and not pattern:
raise ValueError('For saved files pattern is required')
if pattern and '%(size)s' not in pattern:
raise ValueError('Pattern string should contain %%(size)s replace.',
' Given pattern: %s' % pattern)
def __unicode__(self):
if self:
return u'%s;%s' % (self._pattern, self.original_image_type)
return u''
def set_pattern(self, value):
if self:
raise ValueError("Can not change pattern for saved wallet. Delete first.")
self._pattern = value
pattern = property(lambda self: self._pattern, set_pattern)
def __nonzero__(self):
original_image_type can be only for saved images. If original_image_type
is None, nothing saved in this wallet.
return self.original_image_type is not None
def __reduce__(self):
Save wallet as string.
return (unicode, (self.__unicode__(),))
def populate_formats(cls, formats):
cls = Wallet
for format in formats:
url_name = 'url_%s' % format
if not hasattr(cls, url_name):
setattr(cls, url_name, property(curry(cls.get_url, format=format)))
path_name = 'path_%s' % format
if not hasattr(cls, path_name):
setattr(cls, path_name, property(curry(cls.get_path, format=format)))
size_name = 'size_%s' % format
if not hasattr(cls, size_name):
setattr(cls, size_name, property(curry(cls.get_size, format=format)))
def load_original(self):
if not self:
return None
if not self._loaded_original:
image =
self._loaded_original =
return self._loaded_original
def save(self, image):
Loads new image to wallet.
image may be path to file, django file or pil image
Returns original image.
if self:
raise ValueError("Can not save another images in saved wallet. Delete first.")
if not self._pattern:
raise ValueError("Pattern should be present.")
if '%(size)s' not in self._pattern:
raise ValueError('Pattern string should contain %%(size)s replace. Given pattern: %s' % self._pattern)
if isinstance(image, basestring):
image =
image =
elif isinstance(image, (file, File)):
image =
elif isinstance(image, PIL.Image.Image):
raise ValueError("Argument of this type is not supported.")
self._loaded_original = image
self.original_image_type = self.get_image_type(ORIGINAL_FORMAT,
# process original image
self._loaded_original = self.process_format(ORIGINAL_FORMAT, save=True)
return self._loaded_original
def process_format(self, format, image=None, save=False):
Process image, make one thumb from given format
if image is None:
image = self.load_original()
if not image:
return image
for filter in self.formats[format]:
if callable(filter):
image = filter(image)
if save:
save_params =
# Save empty file to ensure path is exists, ContentFile(''))
file =, mode='wb')
image_type = self.get_image_type(format)
if image_type == 'JPEG' and image.mode not in PIL.JpegImagePlugin.RAWMODE:
image = image.convert('RGB')
# Try save image with big block size
PIL.ImageFile.MAXBLOCK = MAXBLOCK, format=image_type, **save_params)
except IOError:
# Else remove all options affected expected block size
if 'optimize' in save_params:
del save_params['optimize']
if 'progression' in save_params:
del save_params['progression']
if 'progressive' in save_params:
del save_params['progressive'], format=image_type, **save_params)
return image
def process_all_formats(self):
for format in self.formats:
if format != ORIGINAL_FORMAT:
self.process_format(format, save=True)
def copy(self, wallet):
Copy image from other wallet to this without changing. Filters for original format ignored.
if self:
raise ValueError("Can not save another images in saved wallet. Delete first.")
if not wallet:
self.original_image_type = wallet.original_image_type
_from = wallet.get_path(ORIGINAL_FORMAT)
_to = self.get_path(ORIGINAL_FORMAT),
def delete(self):
Mark wallet as not saved and delete all files
if not self:
for format in self.formats:
path = self.get_path(format)
self.original_image_type = None
self._loaded_original = False
def clean(self, format):
Delete not-original images from disk. Safe for original image.
if not self or format == ORIGINAL_FORMAT:
# Use delete() instead.
path = self.get_path(format)
def get_size(self, format, image=None):
" TODO: cache this"
if not self:
return (None, None)
path = self.get_path(format)
if format != ORIGINAL_FORMAT and not
image = self.process_format(format, save=True)
return image.size
return get_image_dimensions(
def get_url(self, format):
# url returns only for existing images
if self:
path = self.get_path(format)
# if image not found, it created
if format != ORIGINAL_FORMAT and not
self.process_format(format, save=True)
return None
def get_path(self, format):
if not self._pattern:
return None
image_type = self.get_image_type(format)
extension = self.image_types_extensions.get(image_type)
return self._pattern % {'size': format, 'extension': extension}
def get_image_type(self, format, original_image_type=None):
if format not in self.formats:
raise AttributeError("%s has no format %s" %
(self.__class__.__name__, format))
# for not original format returns user-defined type
if format != ORIGINAL_FORMAT and isinstance(self.formats[format][-1], basestring):
return self.formats[format][-1]
# for saved wallets return original image type
if self.original_image_type is not None:
return self.original_image_type
# if don't saved, return custom image type for original format
if isinstance(self.formats[ORIGINAL_FORMAT][-1], basestring):
return self.formats[ORIGINAL_FORMAT][-1]
if original_image_type in self.image_types_extensions:
return original_image_type
# for unsupported types it will be png
return self.image_type_fallback
def reverse_curry(_curried_func, *moreargs, **morekwargs):
def _curried(*args, **kwargs):
return _curried_func(*(args + moreargs), **dict(kwargs, **morekwargs))
return _curried
from imagewallet import filters
def Filter(filter, *args, **kwargs):
if callable(filter):
elif callable(getattr(filters, filter, False)):
filter = getattr(filters, filter)
raise ValueError("Filter %s not found." % force_unicode(filter))
if isinstance(filter, type):
return filter(*args, **kwargs)
return reverse_curry(filter, *args, **kwargs)
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