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Extension for Kohana View class. Allows use blocks like Django
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This module allow use blocks like in Django.

In your layout template define blocks:

        <?php $this->block('title') ?>
            Layout title
        <?php $this->endblock('title') ?>
    <?php $this->block('content') ?>
        Layout content
    <?php $this->endblock('content') ?>

And add in child view this:

<?php $this->extend('layout') ?>

<?php $this->block('content') ?>
    Child content 
<?php $this->endblock('content') ?>

Now you can simple render child view:

$this->request->response = View::factory('child');

Blocks can be nested:

<?php $this->extend('layout') ?>

<?php $this->block('content') ?>


    <?php $this->block('left') ?>
    <?php $this->endblock('left') ?>

    <?php $this->block('right') ?>
    <?php $this->endblock('right') ?>

<?php $this->endblock('content') ?>

You can use any vars to discover which template to extend.

<?php $this->extend('layouts/'.$extends) ?>

Block name in endblock() method is optional. If it passed, module also check right order of blocks.

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