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Slack Notification for GitHub Actions 🔔
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GitHub release (latest by date) GitHub

This is Slack Notification for GitHub Actions.
Generated from actions/javascript-template.


  • Notify the result of GitHub Actions
  • Support three job status (reference: job-context)
    • success
    • failure
    • cancelled
  • Mention
    • Notify message to channel members efficiently
    • You can specify the condition to mention

How to use

First of all, you need to set GitHub secrets for SLACK_WEBHOOK that is Incoming Webhook URL.
You can customize the following parameters:

with parameter required/optional default description
type required N/A The result of GitHub Actions job
This parameter value must contain the following word:
- success
- fail
- cancel
We recommend using ${{ job.status }}
job_name required N/A Means slack notification title
url required N/A Slack Incoming Webhooks URL
Please specify this key or SLACK_WEBHOOK environment variable
※SLACK_WEBHOOK will be deprecated
mention optional N/A Slack message mention
mention_if optional N/A The condition to mention
This parameter can contain the following word:
- success
- failure
- cancelled
- always
icon_emoji optional Use Slack Incoming Webhook configuration Slack icon
username optional Use Slack Incoming Webhook configuration Slack username
channel optional Use Slack Incoming Webhook configuration Slack channel name

Please refer action.yml for more details.


- name: Slack Notification
  uses: homoluctus/slatify@master
  if: always()
    type: ${{ job.status }}
    job_name: '*Lint Check*'
    mention: 'here'
    mention_if: 'failure'
    channel: '#random'
    url: ${{ secrets.SLACK_WEBHOOK }}

Slack UI Example

Notification Preview


Notification Preview


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Pull your repository in local machine
  3. Update original repository
  4. Checkout "develop" branch based "remotes/origin/develop" branch
  5. Work on "develop" branch
  6. Push you changes to your repository
  7. Create a new Pull Request


The MIT License (MIT)

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