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Ruby on Rails application that allows a user to generate a backup of their POP/IMAP email account.
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=== BackupMyMail
This web application provides a simple web interface for backing up both POP3 and IMAP mail.  It requires using a smtp server for sending out notices to the user when the download is ready.

=== External Dependencies
I use the spawn plugin and the rubygem rubyzip which must be installed separately.

=== Running
Normal deployment procedures for any Rails app.  `rake setup_dirs` to get public/tmp and public/download made.  Make sure they're set with 0644 permissiosn.  rake clean_up should also be cronned to be set for regularly file cleaning on a regular basis.

It's also necessary to make a sqlite3 production db file inside a db/ folder.  You might need to make the db folder first.

In the app/models/notify.rb make sure to change HOST to the proper HOST or the download urls in the e-mails won't work.

Finally, don't forget to change the ActionMailer settings in environment.rb
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