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This project is a web app that receives syslog drains via HTTP and then it replays the traffic to other web apps.


  • PostreSQL
  • Foreman (development)


First, you'll need to create a database to use and set the DATABASE_URL in your environment.

bundle install --binstubs bin/
bin/sequel -m db/migrations $DATABASE_URL

Next, we'll setup the environment for use with foreman. There's a sample env provided that you can just edit.

cp .env.sample .env
# edit .env

To start the web server we can just use foreman.

foreman start


The tests will require a separate test database. You'll need to create that and set TEST_DATABASE_URL in your environment and add it to your .env file. We'll need to run the migrations on the test database.

bin/sequel -m db/migrations $TEST_DATABASE_URL

We can now run the tests

foreman run bin/rake spec