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A simple NodeJS app with Acceptance tests written in Gherkin to be used with CucumberJS to learn BDD and ATDD and connect with the service

Repository at:

There is just a CI pipeline Gitlab project at:

System requisites

Node is required. It can be downloaded at:

  • NodeJS: ~4.4.5
  • NPM: ~2.15.5


First we need to install libraries

npm install

To start the server:

npm start

After starting the server and from a different Terminal window run the Acceptance tests (for Unix or Windows):

npm run test-acceptance
npm run test-acceptance-win

With the server running a report can also been generated with Acceptance test results (for Unix or Windows):

npm run test-acceptance-file
npm run test-acceptance-win-file


Log in
Create a team
Create a Product
Create a Blueprint

After generating tests-result.json file, update your HonestCode's Blueprint WEBHOOK_API_KEY in package.json and send the results to with:

npm run honestcode

To run the Unit tests:

npm run test

To check code quality:

npm run jshint