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Reddit Enhancement Suite
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kyleratti Add basic support (#5225)
* Added basic support
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.github removed users not enrolled in github sponsors Oct 17, 2019
build Remove Opera deployment Apr 15, 2020
changelog 5.18.14 Apr 24, 2020
chrome lockdown extension context CSP Apr 24, 2020
examples Update module example with contentStart phase May 2, 2019
firefox lockdown extension context CSP Apr 24, 2020
flow jQuery as direct dependency (#5142) Sep 1, 2019
images chrome beta build: use beta icon Apr 9, 2017
lib Add basic support (#5225) May 25, 2020
locales betteReddit: New option to always display scrollY bar May 3, 2020
tests Fix showImages test Jan 13, 2020
.babelrc update deps Dec 11, 2019
.codeclimate.yml codeclimate: Update config to v2 Feb 10, 2018
.editorconfig Create EditorConfig file based on project coding style May 21, 2014
.eslintignore Lots of cleanup (#4039) Feb 19, 2017
.eslintrc.json update deps Sep 14, 2019
.flowconfig Update deps, fix Flow issues (#5002) Dec 11, 2018
.gitignore chore(gitignore): ignore npm and yarn debug logs (#4879) Oct 12, 2018
.sass-lint.yml Contain subreddit list scrolling (#4618) Jan 25, 2018
.travis.yml Remove opera creds (#5200) Apr 15, 2020 Update to Discord URL Mar 8, 2020 Update deploy docs. Apr 21, 2020
LICENSE Add LICENSE file (wget gpl-3.0.txt) - fixes #241 Sep 16, 2013 Add section for LICENSE to (#4484) Oct 20, 2017 Update May 3, 2020
appveyor.yml Use Node 10 in CI (#4847) Sep 4, 2018
ava.config.js ava: Move config from package.json to ava.config.js (#4841) Apr 8, 2019
nightwatch.conf.js nightwatch: Restore workers, fix timeout Aug 27, 2019
package.json 5.18.14 Apr 24, 2020
postcss.config.js Simplify messaging, require flow for more files (#4267) Jun 1, 2017
webpack.config.babel.js update deps Dec 11, 2019
yarn.lock Update yarn.lock file (#5209) Apr 21, 2020

Reddit Enhancement Suite

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Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is a suite of modules that enhances your Reddit browsing experience.

For general documentation, visit the Reddit Enhancement Suite Wiki.


Hi there! Thanks for checking out RES on GitHub. A few important notes:

  1. RES is licensed under GPLv3, which means you're technically free to do whatever you wish in terms of redistribution as long as you maintain GPLv3 licensing. However, I ask out of courtesy that should you choose to release your own, separate distribution of RES, you please name it something else entirely. Unfortunately, I have run into problems in the past with people redistributing under the same name, and causing me tech support headaches.

  2. I ask that you please do not distribute your own binaries of RES (e.g. with bugfixes, etc). The version numbers in RES are important references for tech support so that we can replicate bugs that users report using the same version they are, and when you distribute your own - you run the risk of polluting/confusing that. In addition, if a user overwrites his/her extension with your distributed copy, it may not properly retain their RES settings/data depending on the developer ID used, etc.

I can't stop you from doing any of this. I'm just asking out of courtesy because I already spend a great deal of time providing tech support and chasing down bugs, and it's much harder when people think I'm the support guy for a separate branch of code.


Steve Sobel

Building and contributing





See the changelog/ directory for individual versions or for all versions.

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