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Latest commit 481c604 Jan 23, 2017 @erikdesjardins erikdesjardins committed on GitHub Fix highlightFirstCommenter highlighting all repliers instead of only…
… top level (#3920)

* Thing.isTopLevelComment

* userHighlight: don't apply highlightFirstCommenter to non-top-level comments

* hideChildComments: use slightly more efficient isTopLevelComment check instead of getParent

* test for userHighlighter OP and first comment highlighting
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.github no really, there's better RES support on reddit Sep 30, 2016
build getChanges: exclude the current tag Dec 5, 2016
changelog 5.3.5 Jan 23, 2017
chrome Use reddit locale for i18n (#3735) Dec 6, 2016
edge Merge translations and edge ver bump (#3913) Jan 20, 2017
examples i18n Documentation (#3637) Nov 23, 2016
firefox Use reddit locale for i18n (#3735) Dec 6, 2016
flow [experimental] sync the 100 most popular subreddits to native /r/all … Jan 12, 2017
images more icon sizes for the Microsoft Store (#3190) Jul 22, 2016
lib Fix highlightFirstCommenter highlighting all repliers instead of only… Jan 23, 2017
locales Rebase and update #3267: Allow hiding children of nested comments (#3915 Jan 21, 2017
node Use reddit locale for i18n (#3735) Dec 6, 2016
safari Use reddit locale for i18n (#3735) Dec 6, 2016
tests Fix highlightFirstCommenter highlighting all repliers instead of only… Jan 23, 2017
utils wikiCheck: convert to addModule() Dec 12, 2015
.babelrc webpack: support for building multiple browsers Apr 25, 2016
.babelrc.json remove Babel destructuring and parameters transforms (#3623) Jan 20, 2017
.codeclimate.yml codeclimate: Use ESLint 3 to support new config options Dec 13, 2016
.editorconfig Create EditorConfig file based on project coding style May 21, 2014
.eslintignore Flow typing (#3321) Nov 17, 2016
.eslintrc.json update deps (#3910) Jan 20, 2017
.flowconfig Update RES update page to new /latest/ page. (#3856) Jan 6, 2017
.gitignore gitignore: Make sections slightly more noticeable Nov 12, 2016
.sass-lint.yml add new sass-lint rules (#3866) Jan 9, 2017
.travis.yml Build Edge .appx (#3906) Jan 19, 2017 Build Edge .appx (#3906) Jan 19, 2017 Build Edge .appx (#3906) Jan 19, 2017
LICENSE Add LICENSE file (wget gpl-3.0.txt) - fixes #241 Sep 16, 2013 docs improvments (#3857) Jan 6, 2017
appveyor.yml build fewer targets on appveyor (chrome, firefox, node) Jan 5, 2017
nightwatch.conf.js testing: move Selenium host and port to environment variables for eas… Jan 14, 2017
package.json 5.3.5 Jan 23, 2017
postcss.config.js move postcss/autoprefixer config to postcss.config.js Nov 27, 2016
webpack.config.babel.js workaround Edge bugs with arrow function destructuring (#3918) Jan 22, 2017
yarn.lock update deps (#3910) Jan 20, 2017

Reddit Enhancement Suite

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Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is a suite of modules that enhances your Reddit browsing experience.

For general documentation, visit the Reddit Enhancement Suite Wiki.


Hi there! Thanks for checking out RES on GitHub. A few important notes:

  1. RES is licensed under GPLv3, which means you're technically free to do whatever you wish in terms of redistribution as long as you maintain GPLv3 licensing. However, I ask out of courtesy that should you choose to release your own, separate distribution of RES, you please name it something else entirely. Unfortunately, I have run into problems in the past with people redistributing under the same name, and causing me tech support headaches.

  2. I ask that you please do not distribute your own binaries of RES (e.g. with bugfixes, etc). The version numbers in RES are important references for tech support so that we can replicate bugs that users report using the same version they are, and when you distribute your own - you run the risk of polluting/confusing that. In addition, if a user overwrites his/her extension with your distributed copy, it may not properly retain their RES settings/data depending on the developer ID used, etc.

I can't stop you from doing any of this. I'm just asking out of courtesy because I already spend a great deal of time providing tech support and chasing down bugs, and it's much harder when people think I'm the support guy for a separate branch of code.


Steve Sobel

Building and contributing



See the changelog/ directory for individual versions or for all versions.