A library for integrating client-side JavaScript apps with the Honeybadger.
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Honeybadger Client-Side Javascript Library

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A client-side JavaScript library for integrating apps with the ⚡️ Honeybadger Error Notifier. For server-side javascript, check out our NodeJS library.

Documentation and Support

For comprehensive documentation and support, check out our documentation site.


See https://github.com/honeybadger-io/honeybadger-js/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md


  1. Fork it.
  2. Create a topic branch git checkout -b my_branch
  3. Commit your changes git commit -am "Boom"
  4. Push to your branch git push origin my_branch
  5. Send a pull request


First, install the required npm packages with npm install. After that you can run the dev server with grunt dev; this will launch a development server at It will also run the test suite automatically when files change.

To run the test suite by itself, use grunt jasmine.

To run the tests across all supported platforms, set up a Sauce Labs account and use SAUCE_USERNAME=your_username SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=your-access-key grunt test.


The Honeybadger gem is MIT licensed. See the MIT-LICENSE file in this repository for details.