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This example illustrates a barebones .NET Core web API with Honeycomb-specific middleware in order to capture a baseline of useful HTTP attributes per handled request.

We've generated a default .NET Core application built with dotnet new webapi --no-https, then introduced HoneycombMiddleware.cs to intercept HTTP requests.

The new middleware is added to the middleware stack in Startup.cs:


Build and Run

Install the .Net Core SDK. This application was built and tested with version 2.2.

Add your Honeycomb API key (available from to HoneycombMiddleware.cs:


And add your chosen dataset name to HoneycombMiddleware.cs:

var dataset = "<DATASET_NAME>";

Run the application via dotnet run from this directory:

$ cd dotnet-core-webapi
$ dotnet run

And you can query the webapi on port 5000 at /api/values:

$ curl http://localhost:5000/api/values

Event Fields

Name Description Example Value
duration_ms Time spent (in milliseconds) servicing the request 2.268
request.content_length Length of the content (in bytes) of the sent HTTP request 952 Host the request was sent to localhost
request.method HTTP method POST
request.path Path of the request /api/values
response.content_length Length of the content (in bytes) returned to the HTTP client 168
response.status_code Status code written back to user 200

Example Queries

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