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libhoney CircleCI npm version

A Node.js module for sending events to Honeycomb, a service for debugging your software in production.

NOTE For use in browser-side JavaScript applications, generate an API key that has permission only to send events.

Requires any current LTS release of Node.js. Currently v8, and >= v10.

For tracing support and automatic instrumentation of Express and other common libraries, check out our Beeline for NodeJS.


Features, bug fixes and other changes to libhoney are gladly accepted. Please open issues or a pull request with your change. Remember to add your name to the CONTRIBUTORS file!

All contributions will be released under the Apache License 2.0.

Releasing a new version

Use npm version --no-git-tag-version to update the version number using major, minor, patch, or the prerelease variants premajor, preminor, or prepatch. We use --no-git-tag-version to avoid automatically tagging - tagging with the version automatically triggers a CI run that publishes, and we only want to do that upon merging the PR into main.

After doing this, follow our usual instructions for the actual process of tagging and releasing the package.