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This project is no longer under development!

This project is not actively maintained and you should not use it. New issues and pull requests will likely be ignored. OpenCensus has been superseded by OpenTelementry.

The OpenTelemetry Collector can read & write multiple trace formats and is the preferred alternative.

Honeycomb OpenCensus Go Exporter

Honeycomb Logo

Honeycomb is a hosted service for debugging your software in production. Capture traces or individual events, then speedily slice and dice your data to uncover patterns, find outliers, and understand historical trends.

Honeycomb and OpenCensus

This exporter provides OpenCensus trace exporter support for Honeycomb. The examples folder provides a simple usage example.

Get in touch

This exporter is still young, so please reach out to or ping us with the chat bubble on our website for assistance. We welcome bug reports.