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imdb-plus is a cross-platform desktop application for viewing imdb statistics
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A cross-platform desktop application for viewing imdb statistics.


imdb-plus on debian imdb-plus on fedora imdb-plus on windows
imdb-plus on debian imdb-plus on fedora imdb-plus on windows


  • View personal vote history and vote statistics..
  • Download IMDb movie lists and compare them to your vote history..
  • Download official IMDb lists such as Top 250, Bottom 100 and All-Time Boxoffice.
  • Compare personal vote history to IMDb lists and view intersection statistics.
  • Supports unlimited vote histories with north of 100 000 votes..
  • View updated statistics for all official lists and track your progress..


This project relies upon the consistency of data downloaded from the internet movie database. Any changes that are made at the source will break the program and render all versions obsolete. The program will then need to be patched manually. Therefore, some current features might be omitted from future versions without notice.

  • 19/11/14: Program now requires Yarrow to build on windows.
  • 30/09/14: Program now uses libcsv for parsing lists, should be more stable.
  • 29/09/14: Ratings must now be exported from your IMDb account and imported manually.

Compilation instructions


# Note: Requires GTK+3, libcurl

$ make
$ sudo make install


$ make build-deb    # builds debian package
$ make build-rpm    # builds redhat package


# Note: all required packages are listed in .yarrow

$ yarrow -t make    # builds imdb-plus.exe


$ yarrow -t build   # builds imdb-plus-{version}-setup.exe

# If MinGW complains about errors in winnt.h you should 
# remove the 'static' bit from the offending functions.
# Usually: GetCurrentFiber, GetFiberData, NtCurrentTeb.
# You should probably undo your changes afterwards.


imdb-plus is licensed under the GNU GPL3. See LICENSE for details.

Copyright © 2011-2014 Adrian Solumsmo.

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