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This service is responsible for Honeypot's ElasticSearch data and is mainly powered by rs-es and iron. Companies on Honeypot use it to search the developers they need to hire.

We hope that it will be useful to anyone who needs a search engine with a more-or-less complex system of data filtering (including strings, dates and booleans querying and full text search).


  • Rust Nightly
  • ElasticSearch 2.x (1.6+ here)


Install the latest release of Rust using either rustup, the official way or your package manager (i.e.: brew install rust)).

Then clone this repository to your computer and run the executable with

$ cargo run examples/default.toml

You can generate an optimized executable just appending --release, but the compile time will be longer.

You can execute $ cargo test to run the tests and $ cargo doc to generate the documentation.

Please make sure you have an ElasticSearch instance running.


You can create your own searchspot creating a new executable with cargo, whose will look like ours, but instead of using searchspot::resources::user::Talent you'll need to replace it with a new resource made by you, according to your needs.

Basically, a resource is any struct that implements the trait searchspot::resource::Resource.


When the authentication is enabled, the server accepts only requests that provide an Authentication header containing a valid TOTP token generated using the secrets defined in searchspot's or auth.write depending from the kind of request (either GET or POST/DELETE), i.e.: { "Authorize" => "token 492039" }.


To deploy this application on Heroku, just run

$ heroku create my-searchspot --buildpack
$ heroku ps:scale web=1`

You need also to set the following environment variables (example in parentheses):

  • ES_URL (
  • ES_INDEX (my_index)
  • AUTH_ENABLED (true)
  • AUTH_READ (icsbqwdg7ukqluav)
  • AUTH_WRITE (7x2ockhyff4fmm5n)

You can get the data for ES_URL by adding an addon ((☞゚∀゚)☞) for ElasticSearch to my-searchspot and click on it.

AUTH_ is optional – if omitted the feature will be turned off.


Unfortunately we didn't use the semantic versioning from the very beginning. We'll bump the minor version when a relevant change is done or a reindex is needed, otherwise a patch will be released. No major version is currently planned to be released.


Copyright © 2016 Honeypot GmbH. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

About Honeypot


Honeypot is a developer focused job platform.

The names and logos for Honeypot are trademarks of Honeypot GmbH.