This is a WordPress plugin that integrates the AgentCubed API with Contact Form 7, Facebook Lead Ads and more.
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AgentCubed Integration Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that integrates AgentCubed with Contact Form 7, Facebook Lead Ads and more using the AgentCubed API.
This plugin can also be extended to get leads from other sources.


Contributors: honeysilvas


Tags: ContactForm7, AgentCubed, API, integration, WordPress plugin, Facebook Lead Ads Form


  • Download AgentCubed Integration Plugin

  • Add additional fields in the XML file.

    If you need to add additional fields, you can add them in the asset/xml/xml.php file.

    You can see examples of the XML file in the AgentCubed Documentation in the AgentCubed DataExchange V2 Sample\App_Data directory. The easiest to understand example is the Sample Agency minimum requirements.xml file since it only shows the minimum required fields you need to submit.

    The schema is defined in the asset/xml/cubed.xsd. (This XSD code is from AgentCubed so no need to modify this code).

    On the asset/api/agentcubed/agentcubed.php file, in the agentcubed_initialize_data() function, add the name of the fields to the $field array. This sets them to "" (blank) if the variable is not set to avoid variable not set errors.

    // Set empty values for unset fields.

    $field = array( "plan", "your_name", "your_last", "your_email", "your_phone", "your_zipcode", "your_dfb", "your_state", "your_city" );

  • Install the Plugin

Upload the entire folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory of your WordPress installation.

  • Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

  • Add your AgentCubed credentials in the settings.

  • If you are integrating with ContactForm7, make sure you have ContactForm7 plugin installed and activated.

  • If you are integrating with Facebook Lead Ads Form, make sure you have configured that correctly.

  • That's it!

How it Works

  • The plugin uses the ContactForm7's wpcf7_before_send_mail hook that is triggered when a user submits a form.

  • The plugin gets the form data and formats it to an XML format.

  • The plugin submits the data to the AgentCubed API url using the login credentials in the asset/config/config.php file.

  • In case of error, the form data gets emailed to the email specified in the notification email variable (also set in asset/config/config.php) and would just then need to be manually entered into the AgentCubed system.


  • AgentCubed Documentation

  • Contact Form 7 Documentation

  • Contact Form 7 List of Hooks

  • Unofficial Documentation for Contact Form 7