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Printing services

Print-on-demand (POD)

Comics-only services

Comix Well Spring

  • minimum order: 25


  • no minimum order
  • accounts of generally high quality, helpful walkthrough for first-timers, but also slow-to-respond customer service (source)

Litho Ninja

  • minimum order: 25

RA Comics Direct

  • minimum order: 25

General POD services

Other printers

  • Keness

    • minimum order: 100
    • highly recommended by comics folks
  • Smartpress

    • minimum order: 10
    • printshop targeting "creative professionals"
    • great website and recommended by a few comics folks
  • Comic Printing UK

  • Print Ninja

    • minimum order: 1000 – has special comics section of services
    • warning: despite their claims, Print Ninja is a broker service for printers
    • comics people have used: some people were happy with what they got, some were not


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