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Learning Scheduling Algorithms for Data Processing Clusters
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Simulator part of Decima (SIGCOMM '19)


Train Decima with 50 executors, 200 streaming jobs, 25 second Poisson job arrival interval (load ~85%), stochastic termination, input-dependent baseline and average reward, run

python3 --exec_cap 50 --num_init_dags 1 --num_stream_dags 200 --reset_prob 5e-7 --reset_prob_min 5e-8 --reset_prob_decay 4e-10 --diff_reward_enabled 1 --num_agents 16 --model_save_interval 100 --model_folder ./models/stream_200_job_diff_reward_reset_5e-7_5e-8/

Use tensorboard to monitor the training process, some screenshots of the results are in results/

Test Decima after 10,000 iterations with 50 executors, 5000 streaming jobs (>10x longer than training), run

python3 --exec_cap 50 --num_init_dags 1 --num_stream_dags 5000 --canvs_visualization 0 --test_schemes dynamic_partition learn --num_exp 1 --saved_model ./models/stream_200_job_diff_reward_reset_5e-7_5e-8/model_ep_10000

Some example output are in results/

We are currently in the process of refactoring the Spark implementation.

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