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2009-04-09 Pablo Virolainen <>
* Initial release
2009-05-22 Aki Honkasuo <>
* MPEG4 input problem fixed
* Output properties read now from framebuffer
* GStreamer event handling improved
* Added initial version of scheduling
2009-06-04 Aki Honkasuo <>
* Blocking bug fixed in buffer handling
* Works now with more than one video sample
* Some code cleaning
2009-06-17 Aki Honkasuo <>
* Zero-Copy implemented for the video screen playback
* m4iph_hwadd_sdr_mem implementation added
* MPEG-4 videos are now with lip sync after zero-copy implementation
* MPEG-4 and H.264 encoder works and tested with raw files and a webcam
* Code clean-ups and the headers commented in Doxygen style
* updated
* H.264 playback is still bad due the frame drops
2009-06-24 Aki Honkasuo <>
* Implementation for stream input buffering
* With large buffer size the video playback quality is much better
* Large video buffer size will increase lag of the audio play back