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# include this snippet to add a common release: target by using
# include $(top_srcdir)/common/release.mak
# make bz2 as well
release: dist
$(MAKE) $(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION).tar.gz.md5
$(MAKE) $(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION).tar.bz2.md5
# generate md5 sum files
%.md5: %
md5sum $< > $@
# check that no marshal or enumtypes files are included
# this in turn ensures that distcheck fails for missing .list files which is currently
# shadowed when the corresponding .c and .h files are included.
@test "x" = "x`find $(distdir) -name \*-enumtypes.[ch] | grep -v win32`" && \
test "x" = "x`find $(distdir) -name \*-marshal.[ch]`" || \
( $(ECHO) "*** Leftover enumtypes or marshal files in the tarball." && \
$(ECHO) "*** Make sure the following files are not disted:" && \
find $(distdir) -name \*-enumtypes.[ch] | grep -v win32 && \
find $(distdir) -name \*-marshal.[ch] && \
false )
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