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IoT & Art!? LED control with web interface (with WS2812 & ESP8266)
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Inverted Space

IoT & Art!?

In this project we control LEDs from a web interface (using ESP8266 and WS2812). The applications range from air polution monitoring to simple clock, or artistic visualizations, check this repo:

Made in China - 2016 (HTTC extension).

latest test

first test


ESP8266 Arduino:

WiFiManager - WiFi Configuration Magic:

Adafruit NeoPixel:

Elapsed milliseconds:


1st time:

  • program the ESP with the arduino IDE (the 1st link should have every details needed)
  • connect your phone/computer to your the wifi network called 'invertedSpace'
  • go to the following URL with your browser:
  • set the ESP to connect to your favorite network (set the SSID and password)


  • your phone/computer should connect back to your favorite network

  • put the following URL in your browser, the rest should be intuitive:


Note: If you need to change the password, uncomment the follwing line in the .ino file:



The HTML/JS code is embedded in the arduino code, using the handleRootHTML.h header. To update it, edit index.html and use the following command to update the header:


You will need html-minifier accessible with node, to install it:

npm install html-minifier -g
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