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2.4.0 [ In Development ] [ Branch: master ]

New Features

  • Ranges can now be passed to #where criteria to create a $gte/$lte query under the covers. Person.where(dob: start_date...end_date)

Resolved Issues

  • #1333 Fixed errors with custom types that exist in namespaces. (Peter Gumeson)

2.3.4 [ In Development ] [ Branch: 2.3.0-stable ]

  • #1399 Allow conversion of strings to integers in foreign keys where the id is defined as an int.

  • #1397 Don't add default sorting criteria on first if they sort criteria already exists.

  • #1394 Fix exists? to work when count is greater than 1. (Nick Hoffman)

  • #1392 Return 0 on aggregation functions where field is nonexistant.


Resolved Issues

  • #1386 Lowered mongo/bson dependency to 1.3

  • #1377 Fix aggregation functions to properly handle nil or indefined values. (Maxime Garcia)

  • #1373 Warn if a scope overrides another scope.

  • #1372 Never persist when binding inside of a read attribute for validation.

  • #1364 Fixed reloading of documents with non bson object id ids.

  • #1360 Fixed performance of Mongoid's observer instantiation by hooking into Active Support's load hooks, a la AR.

  • #1358 Fixed type error on many to many synchronization when inverse_of is set to nil.

  • #1356 $in criteria can now be chained to non-complex criteria on the same key without error.

  • #1350, #1351 Fixed errors in the string conversions of double quotes and tilde when paramterizing keys.

  • #1349 Mongoid documents should not blow up when including Enumerable. (Jonas Nicklas)


Resolved Issues

  • #1347 Fix embedded matchers when provided a hash value that does not have a modifier as a key.

  • #1346 Dup default sorting criteria when calling first/last on a criteria.

  • #1343 When passing no arguments to Criteria#all_of return all documents. (Chris Leishman)

  • #1339 Ensure destroy callbacks are run on cascadable children when deleting via nested attributes.

  • #1324 Setting inverse_of: nil on a many-to-many referencing the same class returns nil for the inverse foreign key.

  • #1323 Allow both strings and symbols as ids in the attributes array for nested attributes. (Michael Wood)

  • #1312 Setting a logger on the config now accepts anything that quacks like a logger.

  • #1297 Don't hit the database when accessing relations if the base is new.

  • #1239 Allow appending of referenced relations in create blocks, post default set.

  • #1236 Ensure all models are loaded in rake tasks, so even in threadsafe mode all indexes can be created.

  • #736 Calling #reload on embedded documents now works properly.


Resolved Issues

  • #1338 Calling #find on a scope or relation checks that the document in the identity map actually matches other scope parameters.

  • #1321 HABTM no longer allows duplicate entries or keys, instead of the previous inconsistencies.

  • #1320 Fixed errors in perf benchmark.

  • #1316 Added a separate Rake task "db:mongoid:drop" so Mongoid and AR can coexist. (Daniel Vartanov)

  • #1311 Fix issue with custom field serialization inheriting from hash.

  • #1310 The referenced many enumerable target no longer duplicates loaded and added documents when the identity map is enabled.

  • #1295 Fixed having multiple includes only execute the eager loading of the first.

  • #1287 Fixed max versions limitation with versioning.

  • #1277 attribute_will_change! properly flags the attribute even if no change occured.

  • #1063 Paranoid documents properly run destroy callbacks on soft destroy.

  • #1061 Raise Mongoid::Errors::InvalidTime when time serialization fails.

  • #1002 Check for legal bson ids when attempting conversion.

  • #920 Allow relations to be named target.

  • #905 Return normalized class name in metadata if string was defined with a prefixed ::.

  • #861 accepts_nested_attributes_for is no longer needed to set embedded documents via a hash or array of hashes directly.

  • #857 Fixed cascading of dependent relations when base document is paranoid.

  • #768 Fixed class_attribute definitions module wide.

  • #408 Embedded documents can now be soft deleted via Mongoid::Paranoia.


New Features

  • Mongoid now supports basic localized fields, storing them under the covers as a hash of locale => value pairs. field :name, localize: true

  • #1275 For applications that default safe mode to true, you can now tell a single operation to persist without safe mode via #unsafely:, Person.unsafely.create. (Matt Sanders)

  • #1256 Mongoid now can create indexes for models in Rails engines. (Caio Filipini)

  • #1228 Allow pre formatting of compsoite keys by passing a block to #key. (Ben Hundley)

  • #1222 Scoped mass assignment is now supported. (Andrew Shaydurov)

  • #1196 Timestamps can now be turned off on a call-by-call basis via the use of #timeless:, Person.timeless.create(:title => "Sir").

  • #1103 Allow developers to create their own custom complex criteria. (Ryan Ong)

  • Mongoid now includes all defined fields in serializable_hash and to_json results even if the fields have no values to make serialized documents easier to use by ActiveResource clients.

  • Support for MongoDB's $and operator is now available in the form of: Criteria#all_of(*args) where args is multiple hash expressions.

  • #1250, #1058 Embedded documents now can have their callbacks fired on a parent save by setting :cascade_callbacks => true on the relation. (pyromanic, Paul Rosania, Jak Charlton)

Major Changes

  • Mongoid now depends on Active Model 3.1 and higher.

  • Mongoid now depends on the Mongo Ruby Driver 1.4 and higher.

  • Mongoid requires MongoDB 2.0.0 and higher.

Resolved Issues

  • #1308 Fixed scoping of HABTM finds.

  • #1300 Namespaced models should handle recursive embedding properly.

  • #1299 Self referenced documents with versioning no longer fail when inverse_of is not defined on all relations.

  • #1296 Renamed internal building method to _building.

  • #1288, #1289 _id and updated_at should not be part of versioned attributes.

  • #1273 Mongoid.preload_models now checks if preload configuration option is set, where Mongoid.load_models always loads everything. (Ryan McGeary)

  • #1244 Has one relations now adhere to default dependant behaviour.

  • #1225 Fixed delayed persistence of embedded documents via $set.

  • #1166 Don't load config in Railtie if no env variables defined. (Terence Lee)

  • #1052 alias_attribute now works again as expected.

  • #939 Apply default attributes when upcasting via #becomes. (Christos Pappas)

  • #932 Fixed casting of integer fields with leading zeros.

  • #948 Reset version number on clone if versions existed.

  • #763 Don't merge $in criteria arrays when chaining named scopes.

  • #730 Existing models that have relations added post persistence of originals can now have new relations added with no migrations.

  • #726 Embedded documents with compound keys not validate uniqueness correctly.

  • #582 Cyclic non embedded relations now validate uniqueness correctly.

  • #484 Validates uniqueness with multiple scopes of all types now work properly.

  • Deleting versions created with Mongoid::Versioning no longer fires off dependent cascading on relations.


  • #1377 Fix aggregation functions to properly handle nil or indefined values. (Maxime Garcia)

  • #1373 Warn if a scope overrides another scope.

  • #1372 Never persist when binding inside of a read attribute for validation.

  • #1358 Fixed type error on many to many synchronization when inverse_of is set to nil.

  • #1356 $in criteria can now be chained to non-complex criteria on the same key without error.

  • #1350, #1351 Fixed errors in the string conversions of double quotes and tilde when paramterizing keys.

  • #1349 Mongoid documents should not blow up when including Enumerable. (Jonas Nicklas)


  • #1295 Fixed having multiple includes only execute the eager loading of the first.

  • #1225 Fixed delayed persistence of embedded documents via $set.

  • #1002 Fix BSON object id conversion to check if legal first.


  • This release removes the restriction of a dependency on 1.3.x of the mongo ruby driver. Users may now use 1.3.x through 1.4.x.


Resolved Issues

  • #1210, #517 Allow embedded document relation queries to use dot notation. (Scott Ellard)

  • #1198 Enumerable target should use criteria count if loaded has no docs.

  • #1164 Get rid of remaining no method in_memory errors.

  • #1070 Allow custom field serializers to have their own constructors.

  • #1176 Allow access to parent documents from embedded docs in after_destroy callbacks.

  • #1191 Context group methods (min, max, sum) no longer return NaN but instead return nil if field doesn't exist or have values.

  • #1193, #1271 Always return Integers for integer fields with .000 precisions, not floats.

  • #1199 Fixed performance issues of hash and array field access when reading multiple times.

  • #1218 Fixed issues with relations referencing models with integer foreign keys.

  • #1219 Fixed various conflicting modifications issues when pushing and pulling from the same embedded document in a single call.

  • #1220 Metadata should not get overwritten by nil on binding.

  • #1231 Renamed Mongoid's atomic set class to Sets to avoid conflicts with Ruby's native Set after document inclusion.

  • #1232 Fix access to related models during before_destroy callbacks when cascading.

  • #1234 Fixed HABTM foreign key synchronization issues when destroying documents.

  • #1243 Polymorphic relations dont convert to object ids when querying if the ids are defined as strings.

  • #1247 Force Model.first to sort by ascending id to guarantee first document.

  • #1248 Added #unscoped to embedded many relations.

  • #1249 Destroy flags in nested attributes now actually destroy the document for has_many instead of just breaking the relation.

  • #1272 Don't modify configuration options in place when creating replica set connections.


New Features

  • Mongoid now contains eager loading in the form of Criteria#includes(*args). This works on has_one, has_many, belongs_to associations and requires the identity map to be enabled in order to function. Set identity_map_enabled: true in your mongoid.yml. Ex: Person.where(title: "Sir").includes(:posts, :game)

  • Relations can now take a module as a value to the :extend option. (Roman Shterenzon)

  • Capped collections can be created by passing the options to the #store_in macro: Person.store_in :people, capped: true, max: 1000000

  • Mongoid::Collection now supports collection.find_and_modify

  • Document#has_attribute? now aliases to Document#attribute_present?

  • #930 You can now turn off the Mongoid logger via the mongoid.yml by doing logger: false

  • #909 We now raise a Mongoid::Errors::Callback exception if persisting with a bang method and a callback returns false, instead of the uninformative validations error from before.

Major Changes

  • #1173 has_many relations no longer delete all documents on a set of the relation (= [ doc_one, doc_two ]) but look to the dependent option to determine what behaviour should occur. :delete and :destroy will behave as before, :nullify and no option specified will both nullify the old documents without deleting.

  • #1142, #767 Embedded relations no longer immediately persist atomically when accessed via a parent attributes set. This includes nested attributes setting and attributes= or write_attributes. The child changes then remain dirty and atomically update when save is called on them or the parent document.

Resolved Issues

  • #1190 Fixed the gemspec errors due to changing README and CHANGELOG to markdown.

  • #1180, #1084, #955 Mongoid now checks the field types rather than if the name contains /id/ when trying to convert to object ids on criteria.

  • #1176 Enumerable targets should always return the in memory documents first, when calling #first

  • #1175 Make sure both sides of many to many relations are in sync during a create.

  • #1172 Referenced enumerable relations now properly handle #to_json (Daniel Doubrovkine)

  • #1040 Increased performance of class load times by removing all delegate calls to self.class.


Resolved Issues

  • #1159 Fixed build blocks not to cancel out each other when nested.

  • #1154 Don't delete many-to-many documents on empty array set.

  • #1153 Retain parent document reference in after callbacks.

  • #1151 Fix associated validation infinite loop on self referencing documents.

  • #1150 Validates associated on belongs_to is false by default.

  • #1149 Fixed metadata setting on belongs_to relations.

  • #1145 Metadata inverse should return nil if inverse_of was set as nil.

  • #1139 Enumerable targets now quack like arrays.

  • #1136 Setting belongs_to parent to nil no longer deletes the parent.

  • #1120 Don't call in_memory on relations if they don't respond to it.

  • #1075 Set self in default procs to the document instance.

  • #1072 Writing attributes for nested documents can take a hash or array of hashes.

  • #990 Embedded documents can use a single embedded_in with multiple parent definitions.


Resolved Issues

  • #1148 Fixed respond_to? on all relations to return properly.

  • #1146 Added back the Mongoid destructive fields check when defining fields.

  • #1141 Fixed conversions of nil values in criteria.

  • #1131 Verified Mongoid/Kaminari paginating correctly.

  • #1105 Fixed atomic update consumer to be scoped to class.

  • #1075 self in default lambdas and procs now references the document instance.

  • #740 Removed embedded_object_id configuration parameter.

  • #661 Fixed metadata caching on embedded documents.

  • #595 Fixed relation reload flagging.

  • #410 Moving documents from one relation to another now works as expected.


This was a specific release to fix MRI 1.8.7 breakages introduced by 2.1.6.


Resolved Issues

  • #1126 Fix setting of relations with other relation proxies.

  • #1122 Hash and array fields now properly flag as dirty on access and change.

  • #656 Fixed reload breaking relations on unsetting of already loaded associations.

  • #647 Prefer #unset to #remove_attribute for removing values.

  • #290 Verify pushes into deeply embedded documents.


Resolved Issues

  • #1116 Embedded children retain reference to parent in destroy callbacks.

  • #1110, #1115 Don't memoize metadata related helpers on documents.

  • #1112 db:create_indexes no longer indexes subclasses multiple times.

  • #1111, #1098 Don't set _id in $set operations.

  • #1007 Update attribute properly tracks array changes.


This was a specific release to get a Psych generated gemspec so no more parse errors would occur on those rubies that were using the new YAML parser.


Resolved Issues

  • #1109 Fixed validations not loading one to ones into memory.

  • #1107 Mongoid no longer wants required mongoid/railtie in application.rb.

  • #1102 Fixed nested attributes deletion.

  • #1097 Reload now runs after_initialize callbacks.

  • #1079 Embeds many no longer duplicates documents.

  • #1078 Fixed array criteria matching on embedded documents.

  • #1028 Implement scoped on one-to-many and many-to-many relations.

  • #988 Many-to-many clear no longer deletes the child documents.

  • #977 Autosaving relations works also through nested attributes.

  • #972 Recursive embedding now handles namespacing on generated names.

  • #943 Don't override Document#attributes.

  • #893 Verify count is not caching on many to many relations.

  • #815 Verify after_initialize is run in the correct place.

  • #793 Verify any_of scopes chain properly with any other scope.

  • #776 Fixed mongoid case quality when dealing with subclasses.

  • #747 Fixed complex criteria using its keys to render its string value.

  • #721 #safely now properly raises validation errors when they occur.


Resolved Issues

  • #1082 Alias size and length to count on criteria. (Adam Greene)

  • #1044 When multiple relations are defined for the same class, always return the default inverse first if inverse_of is not defined.

  • #710 Nested attributes accept both id and _id in hashes or arrays.

  • #1047 Ignore nil values passed to embeds_man pushes and substitution. (Derick Bailey)


Resolved Issues

  • #1021, #719 Many to many relations dont trigger extra database queries when pushing new documents.

  • #607 Calling create on large associations does not load the entire relation.

  • #1064 Mongoid::Paranoia should respect unscoped and scoped.

  • #1026 model#update_attribute now can update booleans to false.

  • #618 Crack XML library breaks Mongoid by adding #attributes method to the String class. (Stephen McGinty)


Major Changes

  • Mongoid now requires MongoDB 1.8.x in order to properly support the #bit and #rename atomic operations.

  • Traditional slave support has been removed from Mongoid. Replica sets should be used in place of traditional master and slave setups.

  • Custom field serialization has changed. Please see serializable for changes.

  • The dirty attribute tracking has been switched to use ActiveModel, this brings many bug fixes and changes:

    • #756 After callbacks and observers see what was changed instead of changes just made being in previous_changes

    • #434 Documents now are flagged as dirty when brand new or the state on instantiation differs from the database state. This is consistent with ActiveRecord.

    • #323 Mongoid now supports [field]_will_change! from ActiveModel::Dirty

  • Mongoid model preloading in development mode now defaults to false.

  • :autosave => true on relational associations now saves on update as well as create.

  • Mongoid now has an identity map for simple find_by_id queries. See the website for documentation.

New Features

  • #1067 Fields now accept a :versioned attribute to be able to disable what fields are versioned with Mongoid::Versioning. (Jim Benton)

  • #587 Added order preference to many and many to many associations. (Gregory Man)

  • Added ability to chain order_by statements. (Gregory Man)

  • #961 Allow arbitrary Mongo::Connection options to pass through Mongoid::Config::Database object. (Morgan Nelson)

  • Enable autosave for many to many references. (Dave Krupinski)

  • The following explicit atomic operations have been added: Model#bit, Model#pop, Model#pull, Model#push_all, Model#rename, Model#unset.

  • Added exception translations for Hindi. (Sukeerthi Adiga)

Resolved Issues

  • #974 Fix attribute_present? to work correctly then attribute value is false, thanks to @nickhoffman. (Gregory Man)

  • #960 create indexes rake task is not recognizing a lot of mongoid models because it has problems guessing their model names from filenames. (Tobias Schlottke)

  • #874 Deleting from a M-M reference is one-sided. (nickhoffman, davekrupinski)

  • Replace deprecated class_inheritable_hash dropped in Rails 3.1+. (Konstantin Shabanov)

  • Fix inconsistent state when replacing an entire many to many relation.

  • Don't clobber inheritable attributes when adding subclass field inheritance. (Dave Krupinski)

  • #914 Querying embedded documents with $or selector. (Max Golovnia)

  • #514 Fix marshaling of documents with relation extensions. (Chris Griego)

  • Metadata#extension now returns a Module, instead of a Proc, when an extension is defined.

  • #837 When allow_dynamic_fields is set to false and loading an embedded document with an unrecognized field, an exception is raised.

  • #963 Initializing array of embedded documents via hash regressed (Chris Griego, Morgan Nelson)

  • Mongoid::Config.reset resets the options to their default values.

  • Mongoid::Fields.defaults is memoized for faster instantiation of models.