Realtime Keyboard Heatmap showing the character distribution of texts - made with heatmap.js
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Keyboard Heatmap

This repository contains the sourcecode of my recently released keyboard heatmap. The keyboard heatmap shows the distribution of characters of a text while you're typing. It's using my JavaScript heatmap library (heatmap.js) to make that possible.

Contributions are very welcome!

How to add your own layout

I wrote an article about how to add your own keyboard layout to the keyboard heatmap. It's really easy and fun ;)

Features planned

  • More Keyboard Layouts
  • Comparison View
  • Add Action Characters ?
  • ... want to see another feature here? Suggest or contribute one! :)


  • Added DVORAK Layout


The Keyboard Heatmap is licensed under the MIT and Beerware License.


  • Zeff Houssney contributed the DVORAK background image and the layout's coordinates


If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me on whatever digital medium you prefer.