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PyPI version

This is a python version of the original mutt-notmuch script.

It will interactively ask you for a search query and then symlink the matching messages to $HOME/.cache/mutt_results.

Add this to your muttrc.

macro index / "<enter-command>unset wait_key<enter><shell-escape>mutt-notmuch-py<enter><change-folder-readonly>~/.cache/mutt_results<enter>" \
            "search mail (using notmuch)"

This script overrides the $HOME/.cache/mutt_results each time you run a query.

Install this by adding this file somewhere on your PATH.

Tested on OSX Lion, OSX El Capitan, Fedora 23, and Arch Linux.


-g        Use gmail specific info (All Mail search)
-G        Do not use gmail specific info
-p [path] Limit search results to files with path in the path name


BSD, short and sweet