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Sheep Skin

Sheep Skin is a document authoring utility. It allows you to write your document in Markdown and then compile it to HTML, Latex (PDF) and epub. It's especially useful for writing long, multi-section documents (such as books or reports). It uses Pandoc to parse your Markdown.

How it works

When you invoke the sheepskin command, it will create a project directory structure for you. From then on, you don't need that command. The project contains a Makefile which does the rest. You can customize the CSS, HTML and Latex templates.


  1. Download the sheepskin file and place it on your PATH.
  2. Create a directory for your project.
  3. Run sheepskin. It will ask you some questions and create your project.
  4. Your text should live in the src/ directory. Chapters will be ordered alphabetically.
  5. Compile a version using the provided Makefile.
    • make web
    • make latex
    • make epub
  6. View the compiled output in _build/.


  • Pandoc - Installation instructions

  • LaTex - On Mac OSX, I'd recommend using Basic Tex. It's a very small package. You may need to install the fontspect package.

  • Kindle Previewer (Optional) - This is for compiling the epub file to mobi and previewing.


BSD, short and sweet.