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2.4 Upgrading Manually

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It is highly recommended to backup your Homebridge config files.

HOOBS will automatically upgrade any version of HOOBS or Homebridge. It does have a different file structure so it is highly recommended to backup your Homebridge config files.

Notes about this documentation. Commands you need to run in the terminal are prefixed with ~]$. You don't enter the prefix in to the terminal. If you don't see the prefix, this means the content is either example output or content you need to enter into a file.


First things first. Backup your current config files. These can be found in ~/.homebridge. Backup all files in this folder, including.

  • persist/ folder
  • accessories/ folder
  • config.json
  • auth.json

Installing HOOBS

Now we are ready to install HOOBS.

~]$ wget -q -O - | sudo bash -

This script will setup NGINX and register HOOBS as a service. This will automatically reboot your device once it finishes.

HOOBS will initialize, and it will migrate all of your plugins and configuration. Apple Home will automatically reconnect.

Next Steps

Congratulations you have upgraded HOOBS. Now let us walk you through the User Interface.

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