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Hoodie Global Share Plugin

If you want every user to be able to edit each user's entries in your application, this plugin is the right one for you. If you just want to publish content with read-only rights for users, you should choose public shares.

Make selected objects publically accessible via hoodie.global store methods.


hoodie install global-share


The Global Share Plugin extends all promises returned by hoodie.store methods with two additional functions: publish and unpublish.

// publish all my todos

// unpublish specific note
hoodie.store.find('note', 'abc1234').unpublish()

All objects marked as public are accessible (read-only) via the hoodie.global API

// list all public tasks

// update list of tasks on change
hoodie.global.on('task:change', handleTaskChange)

Full Frontend API

add / remove own objects from the public global store

// publish / unpublish can be called on all promises
// return by any hoodie.store method.
promise = hoodie.store.add(type, attributes).publish()
promise = hoodie.store.find(type, id).publish()
promise = hoodie.store.findOrAdd(type, id, attributes).publish()
promise = hoodie.store.findAll(/* type */).publish()
promise = hoodie.store.update(type, id, changedAttributes).publish()
promise = hoodie.store.updateAll(/* type, */ changedAttributes).publish()
promise = hoodie.store.remove(type, id).publish()
promise = hoodie.store.removeAll(/* type */).publish()

// it works the same on scoped stores
promise = hoodie.store(type).find(id).unpublish()
promise = hoodie.store(type, id).update(changedAttributes).publish()

// publish / unpublish return own promises that only resolve
// if the objects were published successfully on the server
promise.then(handlePublishSuccess, handleStoreOrPublishError);

access objects from / listen to changes in the public global store

// hoodie.global has all read-only methods from hoodie.store,
// with the same footprint
promise = hoodie.global.find(type, id)
promise = hoodie.global.findAll(/* type */)

// you can listen on changes as well
hoodie.global.on('add', handleNewObject)
hoodie.global.on('task:change', handleChangedTask)
hoodie.global.on('task:123:remove', handleTask123Removed)

How it works internally

The plugin's worker creates a new database hoodie-plugin-global-share that all objects from all user databases that are marked as public are replicated to.

Calling .publish() on a store method in the frontend adds a $public: true flag to the respecitve objects, that is used by the filtered replications from user databases → hoodie-plugin-global-share database.

Calling .unpublish() uses the hoodie.task API internally to start globalshareunpublish task with object types/IDs to be unpublished. The task gets picked up by the worker which then removes all objects with the passed types/IDs from the hoodie-plugin-global-share database.


We love contributors <3 If you need any help getting started, please don't hesitate to get in touch at any time.

For Questions/Bug reports specific to the Global Share Plugin:

For more generic questions to Hoodie Architecture etc. https://github.com/hoodiehq/discussion/issues/new

If you want to send pull requests, please make sure to add according tests. Run tests with


License & Copyright

Copyright 2012-2014 https://github.com/hoodiehq/ and other contributors
Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.