🎪 Welcome to Hoodie Camp!
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Welcome to Hoodie Camp!

You don't build a community. You build a space. – @saronyitbarek

The Hoodie Camp is a space we created to welcome new and existing contributors. We work together on code, design, documentation and editorial, with the common goal to empower as many people as possible to express themselves with technology.

All teams create special starter issues for people who want to contribute to Hoodie for the first time, and especially welcome people who never contributed to an Open Source Project before. We try to have issues for both beginners as well as challenges for more experienced contributors.

Check out our app: hoodie.camp.

Contributing to the Hoodie Camp app

The source code for it is on the master branch. If you want to contribute please make sure to send pull requests to that branch only. This README is located at public/README

Hoodie Camp