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Hoodie command-line interface

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Add shrinkwrap support to `hoodie new`
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Hoodie command line utility

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Please ensure you have node installed.

npm install -g hoodie-cli


See hoodie -h or hoodie --help for a summary of this information.

  • hoodie new <appname> [-t <template>] Creates a new hoodie app inside a new folder called appname. appname will also be your domain. If template is not set it will use the default repository hoodiehq/my-first-hoodie.

  • hoodie start Starts the hoodie app. The same as npm start.

  • hoodie install <plugin> hoodie uninstall <plugin> Un-/Installs a hoodie dependency via npm. Plugins are installed from the hoodie GitHub account with a plugin- prefix, e.g.:

hoodie install global-share
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  • hoodie reset Resets hoodie server password.

Running hoodie as a daemon

Using forever

forever start -o /var/log/app.out.log -e /var/log/app.err.log -a --killSignal=SIGTERM /path/to/myapp/node_modules/hoodie-server/bin/start
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