A sample Hoodie plugin
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A sample Hoodie plugin

This Hoodie plugin is a great starting point if you want to create an own Hoodie plugin. It extends the hoodie client API, it defines a server route and a UI which can be accessed at /hoodie/hello-world.


First, install the plugin as dependency of your Hoodie app

npm install --save @hoodie/plugin-hello-world

Then add it the hoodie.plugins array in your app’s package.json file. If you like, you can change the default greeting and name in hoodie.app.helloWorld.greeting and hoodie.app.helloWorld.name.

  "name": "your-hoodie-app",
  "hoodie": {
    "plugins": ["@hoodie/plugin-hello-world"],
    "app": {
      "helloWorld": {
        "greeting": "Bonjour",
        "name": "le monde"

You can now start your app with npm start and access the hello world form at localhost:8080/hoodie/hello-world.

Local setup

This plugin has hoodie as devDependency. The idea is that plugins can be started just like apps. Simply git clone this repository, run npm install and then npm start.

This plugin has no tests yet, but it would be nice to add some soon, so that plugin authors get a good blueprint which includes tests for their own plugins. See #11


Apache 2.0