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Use /_api and /_admin as default #37

caolan opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Opening this ticket to discuss the effects this is likely to have on the various components that rely on separate origins. You can test it out on my branch of hoodie-app for now.

We're switching to this so we can provide a smooth experience on Linux and a consistent approach across platforms. I recommend still having the nice local-tld stuff for Mac so we have an domain, but sticking to and so documentation and examples are cross-platform.

This currently causes some issues in hoodloader and probably pocket too (CC @gr2m @espy)


I'd also like to loop @janl into the discussion.

So current problem is that we benefit from different sessions that can exist among each other thanks to different subdomains. For example, hoodie uses and hoodie.admin uses

In order to allow access as different CouchDB users, I'll add an option to send basic auth headers with each request, that will need some time though. And I have to think more about it.


right, the problem is that on linux and windows setting up the nice subdomains is less than trivial / near impossible the way we’d need it.


This debate now seems to be settled in favour of:
@caolan caolan closed this
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