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Welcome to Hoodie

Hoodie is a backend for web applications with a JavaScript API for your frontend. If you love building apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript or a frontend framework, but dread backend work, Hoodie is for you.

Hoodie’s frontend API gives your code superpowers by allowing you to do things that usually only a backend can do (user accounts, emails, payments, etc.).

All of Hoodie is accessible through a simple script include, just like jQuery or lodash:

<script src="/hoodie/client.js"></script>

From that point on, things get really powerful really quickly:

// In your front-end code:
hoodie.ready.then(function () {
    username: username,
    password: password

That’s how simple signing up a new user is, for example. But anyway:

Hoodie is a frontend abstraction of a generic backend web service. As such, it is agnostic to your choice of frontend application framework. For example, you can use jQuery for your web app and Hoodie for your connection to the backend, instead of raw jQuery.ajax. You could also use React with Hoodie as a data store, or any other frontend framework or library, really.

Open Source

Hoodie is an Open Source project, so we don’t own it, can’t sell it, and it won’t suddenly vanish because we got acquired. The source code for Hoodie is available on GitHub under the Apache License 2.0.

How to proceed

You :doc:`could read up on some of the ideological concepts behind Hoodie <about/hoodie-concepts>`, such as noBackend and Offline First. These explain why Hoodie exists and why it looks and works the way it does.

If you’re more interested in the technical details of Hoodie, check out :doc:`How Hoodie Works <about/how-hoodie-works>`. Learn how Hoodie handles data storage, does sync, and where the offline support comes from.

Eager to build stuff? Skip ahead to the :doc:`quickstart guide </guides/quickstart>`!